Monday, December 28, 2015

I'm still here...

I hope everyone enjoys this beautiful holiday season. Couple of days ago I woke up to a gorgeous winter scene. It was white everywhere! The snow came a little late so we didn't have a white Christmas and since it is disappearing quickly I don't think that we'll have white New Year either... Oh well, while living on the north I had not just white Christmas and a New Year, the Easter was white too.

Usually this time of the year I'm reflecting on the past and making plans/setting goals for the next year. For some reason I have a feeling that I'm holding on to the past way to much so this year - screw the past, it's a long gone and will not come back. I will not dwell on glories and failures of the past, instead I will try to set my sails for the bright future.

As my stitching goes... I'm NOT DOING January Crazy Challenge in 2016. I have so many WIPs that it is almost impossible to count them. Well, it is possible but I will not do it as it will take me too much time. I prefer to use that time to stitch. So here are my goals for 2016. It is a working project for the next few days so it can change a little.

Health: be healthy and fit
Career: expand my Mary Kay business and move to management
Hobby: Finish at least sixteen stitchy projects, read 60 books, discover one new hiking trail a month.

I will finish this post with the update on Double Delight. I started stitching this project 27th or 28th of October and now it is 90% done. I'm aiming to have it finish by the end of the year - still (counting today) there is four days left. I hope I can do it...

 So long my friends,