Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's snowing in the Yukon!

I know, I shouldn't be surprised by seeing snow on the north but, come on!, not on the 24th of September?!?! 

Usually, before end of the work I'm checking road conditions and what I've got yesterday? A snowfall warning! 4 inches! I look outside from my office window and this is what I saw...

Today isn't snowing heavy anymore but it is cold and wet and crappy. A perfect day for stitching, reading and catching up on a housework.

I finish stitching my hens - now it is time to really finish it. I'm undecided - should it be a flat-fold or a wall hanging...? It is a small piece, the stitching area is only 5 by 7 inches.

And I'm working on Halloween/Autumn ornaments. Since they are for exchanges I will show pictures after my partners receive them.

Have a happy stitchy weekend everyone!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Evalina went to Dawson!!!

Finally, after  almost 6 years in the Yukon, I've visited Dawson City. Not only I visited this city but also I went a little further, right to the Top of the World!
Last Saturday morning Freddy and I jumped into the car and  headed north. First 100 miles were kind of boring since I traveled this route many times.As usual we stopped at Braburn Lodge but this time we didn't have that huge cinnamon bun, instead we ordered a hamburger. It wasn't a normal size hamburger!!! It was at least 4 times bigger (Braburn Lodge is famous from oversized meals)!!! Sure enough, our hunger was more than satisfied  with just one burger split for two, believe me!

Our next stop was the Agate Trail:

It was an awesome little hike to the almost dry creek. We even pick up a few very nice looking stones. Since raw gems are looking much different than the polished ones I have no idea what I picked... but surely my stones look very pretty and unusual.

And we stopped by the 5 Fingers Rapids. It is the first time I saw them not being frozen...

and here some wild flowers still blooming!
After that we drove past miles and miles of burned forest, to sad looking for the picture.

Finally we arrived to Dawson City

just in time for dinner. 

Drunken Goat is a Greek cuisine owned by Greek people. It was the best meal I had in the Yukon!

After a whole day driving (we left home around 10 AM and arrived to Dawson around 7:30 PM) and dinner - we were a little tired, checking in to Aurora Inn seemed like a smart thing to do. That jaccuzi suite was very impressive! We light some candles and slipped into that jaccuzi... it felt heavenly! With a bottle of champagne we celebrate our (early) 17th anniversary. 

We woke up to a quite chilly morning and decided to go to the top of the world! To get to there we had to take a very small ferry across the river

 and we were on our way! Here is a lovely picture of road to Dawson:

and a whole Dawson City:

A lovely surprise! An owl on the top of the tree!

That "white stuff" is a fog over Dawson City. It look much more dramatic in reality that it looks on the picture.

The hills looked almost like a soft velvet...

And finally we were above the tree line

 That is the spot were Mel and I suppose to stitch last July in the midnight sun... Just imagine how cool that would be... well, maybe some other summer.

And of course I have to share with you a few pics of the flora on the top of the world:

and a picture of our shadows on the top of the world (I thought it is a very cool picture of us)

It was time to get back to Dawson City. Here is a typical street (they are not paved!)

Freddy at Robert's Service cabin

Of course I had to visit Jack's London cabin

Have a look inside:

I brought with me my Kobo (digital e-reader) so I can read Call of the Wild in the place were he wrote it.

and it was time to say goodbye...

We took a short ride on the Dempster Highway

The road condition wasn't the best one, after driving for 10 miles or so we turned around and decided to go back home leaving that trip for the next summer adventure. Maybe in July I can stitch on the Dempster Highway in the midnight sun? We'll see...

we have a winner!!!

When Mercury was in retrograde mode I challenged you to stitch UFO. 8 ladies accepted the challenge and the winner is...

 and the number 6 is our lovely Shelly from Shelley's Artsy Fartsy Life.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

after exam

I was just so very tired... Thank you so much for all good wishes and beautiful cards! Right after exam I felt great but as days go by I'm having second thoughts... the hardest part is that results will be released somewhere around October 27 or 28... On the bright note - it is Saturday! I do not have to go to work  nor I do have to study!!! I can stitch all they long!!! I was stitching a little on "Good friends listen"

All the cross stitching is done and hopefully this weekend I will finish backstitches. Of course after that comes the final finish part... should I turn this little project to a pillow, flat-fold or just frame it... finished size is 7 inches by 5 inches.

Summer is gone for good...

 My commute to work is more colorful now. The colors are not even close to beautiful autumn colors of Ontario but this is the north.

I'm usually alone on the highway, if I see 5 vehicles at once - it feels like a heavy traffic! But do not get me wrong, I know how heavy traffic looks - I lived in the Bay Area!!!

I've got bitten by a swapping bug!

Some time ago I joined but for couple of years I ignored that site. Not any more! Yesterday I went to my mailbox

there were some envelopes, one looking awful cute and a key to a bigger box...

Now, I've got MAIL!!!

The cute envelope melted my heart, I even hesitated for a moment to  open it...

There is so much about me... Polish stamps (I was born in Poland), Canadian stamps (Canada is my new home) I love chocolate and I'm crazy about ancient Egypt - the stickers are proof of that and even there is a little corner for ZoomZoom!

I looked inside and what I found there? Postcards!!!

The most precious postcard was with a green tomato pie recipe! Thank you so much Jennifer, You've made my day!!! Next year I will plant a lot of tomatoes and I do not let them get even a little pink! I must try that recipe!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

another giveaway!

Bette from Reflections of a Desert Rat is celebrating her birthday this month! To celebrate, she is hosting a giveaway on her blog. Go on over and wish her a happy birthday.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

OMG! It's Pink Saturday!

And I almost forgot about it!!! Shame on me!!! Here is my contribution to Pink Saturday:

My sweet  ZoomZoom

and the most inspiring garden art:

and my favorite...

If you like to know more about Pink Saturday please visit Miss Beverly at How Sweet the Sound