Thursday, June 23, 2016

Surprise in the mail!

I've got a lovely surprise in the mail:

Kim from Wisdom with needle and thread is celebrating her 60th birthday this year by sending out 60 RAKs (Random Act of Kindness). I absolutely adore this little pouch and gorgeous pin keep and a little sampler. She even included some floss to go with the sampler. Thank  you so much dear Kim. I'm smiling from one ear to another. Have a fantastic birthday!

So long my friends,

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

New adventure

Back in January during my 30-day minimalism challenge I was planning to discover one hiking trail a month. I completely forgot about it but Universe did not. Just recently I met a new friend who loves taking her dog on long walks through the nature. I was going with Frosty Girl to the doggie park until Frosty got sick. Nobody knows what happen, even vet doesn't know what caused the sickness. Frosty had fever and very sore behind. After vet shaved her she looked like a baboon (sorry, no pictures). Now (well, after $400 vet bill) she is perfectly fine and (just in case) I'm not going to the doggie park again. Instead we are going hiking and discovering new trails. Krystyna, my new friend  (she is Polish too!) knows most of them but for me they are new. The last three days we spent hiking Rogers Creek Nature Trail. Here is a little video of our doggies playing in the creek yesterday. It was a very hot day, over 30 degrees Celsius (or 90°F ), but surely they had fun.

Today we went to same spot and our doggies met some friends:

On the way back Frosty disappeard from my eye sight and I panicked. All of the sudden I had gloomy pictures in my head, something like a cougar attack or an accident. I almost had a heart attack and she just was waiting for us by the car.

So long my friends,

Monday, June 6, 2016

I found color of kindness

I was thinking for a while what the color of kindness might be... I received many suggestions from you, thank you kindly. Then I had a moment of enlightenment - who was the kindest person I have ever known? My paternal Grandmother of course!  She was beautiful, kind and loving, my thoughts started drifting towards memories...

I took forty skeins of floss and tossed them to the pot. Then I added some tea bags, some herbs, a few drops of food coloring and some vanilla. I boiled the mixture for a few minutes

and voilà! I fund the color of kindness:

I loved the look of wet floss, after I dried it it became much lighter but it looks beautiful in my project.

I frogged all black floss and started all over again. This is my progress so far, a loong way to go...

I decided to make a few changes since my project I'm dedicating to my Grandma.

There are two letters: D and O, I will replace those with Grandma's initials M and Z (for Michalina Zamana). I will also change the dates. Under M will be her year of birth (1891) and under Z 1990 (year of her passing). On the bottom in the middle I will stitch my name and the year of finishing this project.

The second week of Kindness Challenge was about observing kindness. To tell you the truth I was impressed discovering how much kindness is all around us. I'm not watching much TV lately and since I'm not bombarded by all the horrible things happening around the world I'm noticing more smiles, kind words and little acts of kindness, like letting someone in into the traffic or stopping for a jaywalker, or holding the door for someone. Life is good around me.

So long my friends,