Saturday, July 28, 2012

Where do I blog?

Carrie of The Slow Dripped Life posted a very interesting question:  

What is your favorite place/time/mindset for blogging?

I decided to answer it here. I blog at home in my study/craft room sitting on my favorite chair with a sheep skin on it, right by the window.

I know, the desk looks a little messy but all these things are necessities: coffee, hand cream, nail polish etc.

I love blogging early in the morning when the house is quiet, Freddy deep asleep - then it's just me and my thoughts.  

I live in a small cabin surrounded by the woods and wild life, only a stone's throw from the lake.

Now I have a question for you Carrie and other readers: If you would write a book, what it be about?

Mine would be a fiction novel but based on my own life. My life wasn't and is not boring. I grew up under communist regime and now enjoy freedom. I survived martial law and a nasty mother-in-law. Gave birth to two wonderful sons, was a glider pilot, traveled a lot and lived in a few countries. I think it could be a very interesting story...

So long my friends,

Monday, July 23, 2012

Stitchy weekend update

It was a hermitting weekend and let me tell you, despite beautiful, sunny weather I was hermitting, stitching and seeking vengeance right by the side of the Count of Monte Cristo. Saturday I've got lost in time and stitches. Look, how much I've accomplish:

On Saturday I was going to stitch some more (since I decided to do only one project until it is done) but I realized that July it is almost over and I'm missing my challenge where I've committed to stitch three Christmas ornaments. So far I've done only one and I was 2 behind... Well, I found some red aida (I do not stitch on aida any more so that was asking for a trouble) and decided to use one of the charts that I received on my birthday (there will be a whole birthday wrap up post later, after I finish celebrating). I stitched about 4.5 hours on Sunday and here is the result:

That will be one big ornament... I have no idea what I was thinking...

So long my friends,

Six most important things list

Did you ever heard of that list? Do you know what it is or who invented it?

Well, the Six Most Important Things List is:
  • A daily sheet of six 'action' items that you will do the very next day. You're supposed to write them down before you go to bed so you will have a clear plan of what you will do the next day.
  • They should be in priority order (did you ever notice that you put the hardest task off until the last one?). The six most important things list is designed to put your most important item at the top of the list, and knock it out first... then everything else is that much easier.
  • The 6 items should be items that you can do in one day (long projects need not apply), and 'retire at 55' or 'write a novel' or 'work on HAED' sounds great... but if you can't figure how to do this in one day don't write it down.
  • They should be the items that really matter, so we know you have to take out trash... but you should probably not put that on there (even though you should probably take out the trash too...)
So, who did come up with the idea? Ivy Lee, the 'father of public relations'. He presented this idea to Charles Schwab, the head of Bethlehem Steel way back in the early 1900's and got paid for it a whooping 25,000 dollars (equivalent of a half a million dollars today!) Not bad, eh?

Here is my list (for tonight and tomorrow): 
  1. Update blog with pictures from last weekend. I hermitted all weekend and had a stitching marathon on Saturday (like 10 hours of pure stitching!!!) and some on Sunday. done!
  2. Read one chapter of 'Silence'.
  3. Finish second ornie for a challenge from Friendly Stitchers yahoo group.
  4. Work for an hour on Halloween House. If I keep my current pace, I could be done by end of the month!
  5. Finish L. bookkeeping and taxes.
  6. Send a 'thank you' note to a friend.

So long my friends,

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Stitch-A-Thon weekend

I have a finish! I can't believe it I actually did it! Here is my 'Festive Cheerkat' in all his glory:

Finished size: 5 1/4" x 6 1/4"
Fabric: 28 ct antique white jobelan
Floss: DMC
Many are making New Year resolutions, setting goals etc., I do it for my next 'annual cycle'. One of my cycle resolutions is to finish every stitched piece as soon as it is done stitching. I know I suck on finishing but, hey, practice makes it perfect, right?

This month I also finished 'July Angel". I stitched her for Debbie from our Birthday Club.

The weekend is only half over, hopefuly I will have more updates for you.

So long my friends,

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Life cycles

My birthday is just around the corner and as always during this time I like to reflect on the past, think about the future...

Did you ever notice that things evolve in the same manner, every year at about the same time? Did you know that you go through 7 cycles every year?

You can help yourself by working with your cycles...instead of against them!

They can also help you to become aware about yourself.

You can find your own personal cycles by using a simple calculation. The first cycle starts on your birthday, and each of the 7 cycles lasts 52 days. (7x52=364).  For example:  my birthday is July 16, so the first cycle is from July 16 (+52 days) to September 5. The second is from September 6th to October 27th, and so on. The last cycle will end on the day before my birthday, so that the first cycle will start again on my next birthday. I counted , it really works!

You only have to find your personal cycle numbers once, because it's always the same, year after year.

You will find it interesting to see how the cycles worked for you in the past, by looking at what happened to you in the same period, every year of your life.


First Cycle

This is the period of opportunity. It is the best time to advance your interests with others who may have the power and influence to help you. This is the time to ask for favors, to seek employment or loans or business concessions, to form partnerships or to make investments. This is also a good time to advance yourself among the people of your city, state or country, to build up your credit standing or your reputation. This is the best time for you to push yourself forward with determination so far as your name, your integrity and your honor are concerned.

Second Cycle

The second period is distinctly different. It is the best time to plan short journeys or trips of immediate importance. It is also an excellent time for moving about, if that should prove necessary. In other words this is a period propitious for changes that can be started and finished within the period itself. In a business way it is a good period for movable things such as freight, cargoes, automobiles, trains, public conveyances, or even public lectures or performances which may move from place to place. It also presents excellent opportunities for those who deal with liquids, milk, water, chemicals, gasoline, oil and other products of this character. Dealing with people who are in business associated with the foregoing will be more successful at this time than at any other. This is also a very good period for businesses which cater to transients such as hotels, restaurants, car rentals and similar services. However, one should not plan a change of business or start a new career or make any permanent change during this period, and contracts and other arrangements that are intended to last a long time should not be entered into. It is an unfavorable period to borrow or lend money and it is not good for starting the construction of a building or entering upon a project that requires a substantial investment. Certainly it is a most unfavorable period to speculate in the stock market or to gamble in any form.

Third Cycle

This period requires that you exercise discrimination and good judgment. It usually brings a great inflow of energy which makes you want to do great and important things. If directed carefully this can be the best time in the year to improve your health or build up your business or do anything that requires the expenditure of energy. However, good judgment is needed. You will be tempted to undertake projects which have no possibility of success or which may take so long to develop that you will have to abandon them before completion. But this is a great time to tackle and overcome obstacles that have blocked progress in the past, to make a strong second effort to solve problems earlier abandoned because of lack of energy. It is a great time for dealing with things that require great energy such as iron and steel, electrical machinery, cutlery, sharp instruments and fire. It is also a particularly good period to oppose competitors or deal with enemies who have heretofore been obstacles in your path. It is an unfavorable period for men or women to try to deal with women but on the other hand it is an excellent period for women to appeal to men when desiring favors or preferment or aid in business or social matters. Arguments and strife should be avoided because the outcome is very apt to be bad, but if you have something to sell which can be put across in one forceful interview, this is the best period.

Fourth Cycle

In this period the mental and spiritual nature is stimulated. It is thus an excellent period for writing books, producing plays, making plans, for all the matters requiring imagination and quick thinking and the ability to express your thoughts lucidly. Your mind will be filled with new ideas which will come very rapidly, so it is important that you grasp them quickly and put them into practice before they are forgotten or pushed aside by the new thoughts which will crowd upon their heels. It is therefore a good period to act on impulse or hunches. You will be optimistic in this period but somewhat nervous and restless, which is to be expected with your imagination highly charged. It is a good period to deal with literary people, writers, journalists, book or magazine publishers, but be careful to scrutinize all legal and other documents most carefully because deception is possible and it is a period when falsehood is as eloquently and easily expressed as the truth. Most great losses through robbery or deception or misunderstood legal situations occur in this period and you should take precautions to protect yourself. However, it is a good time for study and for gaining information and knowledge, but it is not a propitious period to enter marriage, to hire help or to buy homes, businesses or land.

Fifth Cycle

This is the period in which it is possible for you to achieve your greatest success in your personal affairs. This is the time in your yearly cycle when your interests will expand and your prosperity increase. Your mind likewise will become a more effective instrument, sharper and clearer, you will become more open in your relations with others, move with more confidence and display sociability, benevolence and sympathy. This is the best period for dealing with the law, with lawyers and judges, the courts, government officials, men of prominence in the profession and people of wealth. It is also a good period to begin new ventures that may take some time to grow, to plan large business negotiations or to undertake long journeys. It is particularly good for collecting money due or for speculations in stock or real estate, but be sure to avoid every negotiation that is not completely legitimate. Also avoid any dealings in cattle or meat products or with marine affairs.

Sixth Cycle 

This is the best time in your yearly cycle for rest, relaxation and amusement. This does not mean that business will not prosper. On the contrary, all good and legitimate business will continue with almost as much success as in the preceding period. However, now is the time to make long or short trips for the purpose of renewing friendships or for cultivating new friends, men among women and women among men, and to renew and improve friendships and relations that already exist. It is a particularly fortunate time for business matters that touch upon art, music, literature, sculpture, perfumes, flowers and personal adornments. It is a good period for a man to seek preferment or favors or business agreement or cooperation from a woman, just as the third period is better for women to obtain such favors from men. It is the best period to buy stocks or bonds for investment and to employ others.

Seventh Cycle

This is the most critical period of your yearly cycle. During these fifty-two days the elements in your life that are no longer needed for your development gradually fall away in order to make way for those which are new and better. Often this will cause distress and a sense of loss and may tempt you to foolish actions and decisions. Remember it is a period of seeming devolution which always precedes a period of evolution and new opportunity. Take advantage of the momentum in this period to rid yourself of the old and unwanted, but be sure to exercise good judgment. If there is something that has been hanging fire and is about to end, let it do so, but do not deliberately break ties or destroy relationships that have vitality and are still valuable. For the reasons mentioned, your mind is likely to become despondent and you will be easily discouraged. Remember you are being influenced by the quality of the period you are in and do not permit the pessimism you feel to warp your judgment or inhibit your decisions. The qualities of this period exert very subtle influences and it is necessary that you be much more alert than normal in appraising your feelings and your reactions to external influences. In the Fourth Period it is advisable to seize immediately upon your ideas or hunches and make quick decisions. Now the reverse is true. Impulsiveness will bring disaster. Be careful in all necessary judgments and postpone to the next period every decision possible. However, this is a good period for dealing with older people and those who by their nature or position must consider each action most carefully. It is also an excellent time for inventing things or dealing in inventions or for applying for patents or copyrights. Now you will have success in dealing in real estate, mines, minerals and all things deeply seated in the earth or in hidden places. On the other hand, it is definitely the least favorable time of your year to start anything new or launch a new business or to make new expenditures in an old one.

From the book 'Wisdom of the Mystic Masters' by Joseph Weed

Currently I'm in my seventh cycle - no new ventures! no making decisions... 

So long my friends,

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy July 4th!

Happy Independence Day to my American Friends!!!


  • Two packages (4 serving size) or one package (8 serving size) any flavor red gelatin (e.g., JELL-O)
  • Two packages (4 serving size) or one package (8 serving size) blue gelatin (e.g., JELL-O)
  • Whipped topping (e.g., Cool Whip) 
  • 2-1/2 cups boiling water
  • Mixing bowls
  • Measuring cups
  • Rubber scraper or large spoon
  • Table knife
  • Two 9x9-inch pans (or you can do it in one pan, one flavor at a time)
  • Clear plastic cups (4 to 6 ounce size)
  • Star-shaped cookie cutters
  • Large tray
  • Cherries (optional)

Cooking Instructions

  1. Pour one flavor of gelatin into the mixing bowl. Add 1 1/4 cups of the boiling water and use the rubber scraper to stir until all of the gelatin has dissolved (about two minutes). Pour the mixture into one of the pans. Repeat with the other gelatin flavor.
  2. Put the pans into the refrigerator and let the gelatin chill for about three hours.
  3. Put about an inch of warm water into the sink. Dip just the bottom of the pan (don't let the water come up over the sides) into the water for just a few seconds. (Note: Be careful to not let it sit too long or the gelatin will start to liquify.)
  4. Wash your hands thoroughly. Use the star-shaped cookie cutters or the table knife to cut shapes. Use your hands to lift out the shapes onto another tray. Repeat with both flavors.
  5. Place a thin layer of  jigglers (blue or red) onto the tray, then add a layer of whipped cream. Alternate the jigglers and the whipped cream until you have a stack of jigglers. Top with a cherry if you would like and enjoy! 

So long my friends,

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The long weekend...

was awesome and too bad it's over. I went on an adventure with Alexander Dumas - I was sailing Mediterranean Sea with Edmond Dantes , I was thrown to jail and have escaped, found the treasure and and was on the hunt for revenge, but most of all  I've done some serious stitching! I have a couple of new starts:
-  'A Good Marriage' by Lizzie Kate

- and since I was on a very cheerful mood, I decided to stitch 'Festive Cheerkat'

when he is done he will look like this:

And, of course, I was working a little on the 'Halloween House'

Mel of Epic Stitching has a game on her blog and she wants to know:

1. Rain or Snow?
Rain. I love the sound of the rain, I love my umbrella and I absolutely love my 'free' car wash. Don't get me wrong, I like snow too - when I'm in warm indoors stitching or cuddling with a book.
2. Are you in any SAL's?
Yep, 'Halloween House', 'Computer Catastrophes' and 'Shore Patrol'
3. How many WIP do you have on the go?
I do not know exactly... I think over 30...
4. Do you do any other crafts other than stitching? (ie: beading, scrapbooking, knitting, etc)
I knit sometimes
5. Do you watch sports? Have a favourite sport?
Heavy weight boxing, winter Olympics
6. Are you active? Have a workout program, bike, run etc.?
Not really, I hike sometimes and stitch a lot.
7. Favourite genre of music? (ie: rock, country, blues, etc)
I love jazz, blues, rock and classic , Mozart is my favourite.
8. What type of cell phone do you have?
9. Smallest project you've ever done?
O, it would be one of ornaments
10. Largest project you've ever done?
Frederick the Literate I think...
11. How long have you been blogging?
Four years.

Rules for this game are simple, you answer the 11 questions asked and then you tag eleven more bloggers and ask them 11 questions of your choice.

Here are my 11 questions:
  1. What projects do you like to stitch - big or small?
  2. What is your favorite fabric?
  3. How many cross stitching books do you have?
  4. What is your favorite cross stitching magazine?
  5. What time of the day do you do most of the stitching?
  6. Does your  significant other supports your stitching hobby?
  7. Do you collect stash or just buying supplies for the current project?
  8. What is your favorite drink after five?
  9. Do you listen to music, audio books or TV while stitching or just to the sounds of nature?
  10. Do you have any live plants in your home?
  11. What do you like to read? (Adventure, romance, mystery, non-fiction etc.) Books or magazines?
And 11 bloggers:
  1. Mouse
  2. Debbie
  3. Anne
  4. Stitch Bitch
  5. Kelly
  6. Jo who can't think of a clever nickname
  7. Demeter83
  8. Linda
  9. Lyn
  10. Nancy
  11. Joysze
So long my friends,

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Canada Day!

Canadian Anthem like never before... we love Canada and we love our beer!

Happy Canada Day my friends,