Saturday, July 28, 2012

Where do I blog?

Carrie of The Slow Dripped Life posted a very interesting question:  

What is your favorite place/time/mindset for blogging?

I decided to answer it here. I blog at home in my study/craft room sitting on my favorite chair with a sheep skin on it, right by the window.

I know, the desk looks a little messy but all these things are necessities: coffee, hand cream, nail polish etc.

I love blogging early in the morning when the house is quiet, Freddy deep asleep - then it's just me and my thoughts.  

I live in a small cabin surrounded by the woods and wild life, only a stone's throw from the lake.

Now I have a question for you Carrie and other readers: If you would write a book, what it be about?

Mine would be a fiction novel but based on my own life. My life wasn't and is not boring. I grew up under communist regime and now enjoy freedom. I survived martial law and a nasty mother-in-law. Gave birth to two wonderful sons, was a glider pilot, traveled a lot and lived in a few countries. I think it could be a very interesting story...

So long my friends,


  1. Love the view from your study window - good place to muse. And I'd read your book!

  2. aee cute the view from your window..
    if i will write a book it will about a girl living in country.
    hugs xx

  3. Our squirrels and chipmunks just don't sit still long enough! No book forthcoming from me, but I love history and biography, if you're up for one of those.

  4. It certainly sounds interesting to me. I like tales of women doing out of the ordinary things. Strong women role models, I call them.

    Good luck with your idea!

  5. Perfect place to blog! Your cabin reminds me of mine, a peaceful and quiet spot. I think if I was to write a book it would be about my struggle with mental illness...not a pleasant topic sometimes, but I would hope that my experiences might inspire and resonate with people out there going through the same things.


  6. What a lovely place to blog from.
    Your life story sounds amazing. I did have a wry laugh at the MIL being in the same sentence as living under martial law!
    My book would be a realistic version of 50 Shades of Grey where the hero is NOT an arrogant rich businessman with a personality disorder but a plain grey man with hidden depths!

  7. Your chair is awesome, and what's the point of a desk if you can't put anything on it? And you should absolutely write your life story, I'd love to read it. As someone who seems to forget anything that has not happened in the last three months, I am drawn to memoirs written by interesting people :)


  8. What a truly beautiful place to live, you are very lucky.

    I'd read your book :@

    LiBBiE in Oz

  9. An interesting life makes for an interesting story and a good writer can make a story interesting. Hope you go for it.

    Nice cozy writing spot you have. My space has windows next to it, but they are too high to see out of when I'm seated at my desk. That's probably good for me as I would probably spend a lot of time looking out the window.

    Wrote By Rote

  10. You have a lovely home, Evalina. And I bet your life story is interesting. IDK that I COULD write a book. I'm not very creative...

  11. What a wonderful post about a perfectly lovely place! I wanted to climb right into that chair and stare out at the view. Very peaceful. I am working my way through answering comments and questions and plan to showcase some more blogs, etc. tomorrow, including yours!! :) So I'll save your question for that post. Great question! Might have to borrow it for the give-away, who knows?

  12. What a beautiful view you have from the window, Evalina.

  13. What a beautiful blogging spot! And the location of your home is perfect - so tranquil and conducive to creativity!

  14. Lovely blogging spot Evalina! I'm like you and like to blog/comment early in the morning when it's quiet! As for a novel, I would write a book based on my family's escape from communism and how they made it here to's quite the history!

  15. I love your cabin and the woods that they sit in. I would love to be in a setting like that - but it's not to be right now anyway. I have no imagination so have no clue what I'd write about. But your story sounds very interesting - I would read it should you ever decide to actually write it!


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