Monday, August 24, 2009

What a week I had!

Last Friday I was invited to a meeting with our Prime Minister. This can happen only in the Yukon. In any other place in Canada I would have to be some kind of official to receive invitation like that. It was my second meeting with Stephen Harper, two years ago I was invited to have breakfast with Prime Minister.

After the meeting I felt a "better Canadian" and I spend weeke
nd finishing O Canada.

In the close up I'm trying to show a little heart (click on it). What do you think, it is suitable for this project or should I look for another heart. The original had a gold, open heart.

And I had an urge to buy O Canada sampler but, thanks goodness, we didn't have electricity almost all day yesterday and that prevented me from going to my favorite online LNS. So, instead, I was working on Frederick. Here is the progress:


  1. How exciting you got to meet with the Prime Minister...looking forward to seeing the photos.

    O Canada looks fantastic...GREAT job on it. I think the little heart looks fine and I wouldn't change it.

    Freddy looks good too!

  2. Wow, very cool that you got to meet Harper.
    He is my MP here in Calgary and we don't even get the chance to talk him on the phone nevermind meet him.
    Oh Canada is just beautiful. what a lovely tribute to our country! :)

  3. Oh Canada is gorgeous. Fabulous stitching and congrats on the finish.
    That is really neat that you got to greet the PM. I hope you had a nice chat and now have the solution to fix everyone's problems. LOL Just kidding. :)

  4. Congrats on your meeting and your fantabulous finish! It looks fantastic - I like the heart, but you can always play around with them to see if you like one better. Frederick is looking great - moving along!

  5. O Canada came out wonderful and Frederick is looking very nice as well.

  6. Great finish Evalina! It's a lovely little heart - but do you think it might be too sparkly for this subtle pattern? Maybe something a little more rustic?

    And ... what O Canada sampler???? Also by Sandy Orton?

    ~ Janice ~

  7. O Canada looks simply stunning. The heart looks great too to me. What a beautiful piece.
    Breakfast with the prime, that's an honor. Congrats on that one too.
    Frederick looks just lovely as well.

  8. Wow, we have a celebrity in our group! How cool is that??? Your stitching looks great!

  9. Very cool, Evalina! Your O'Canada looks great and Frederick is so cute.

  10. Great finish Evalina. What a treat to be able to meet your Prime Minister.

  11. O Canada looks fantastic! And so does Frederic. Congrats on meeting the Prime Minister.
    (Katrien - ILCS)

  12. I am so glad to see you got it finished and so quickly. It looks absolutely marvelous. Unless you find a Maple leaf charm I would leave that one it is wonderful!!!
    xox Zsuzsanna
    PS O Canada Sampler where I would love to check it out.

  13. O Canada looks fabulous!! I am now determined to buy this pattern and stitch it for my Uncle. Now to save up for it...Frederick is looking good. That is so cool that you got to meet the PM!!


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