Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cheerleaders wanted!!!

Me and Kelly of I love Cross Stitch have a little challenge/competition going on where UFO's are on the table. I challenged Kelly to finish her Midnight Enchanter and Celtic Summer and I dare myself to finish Bless this house, Provence and my oldest UFO. The one who finishes first will get a prize from the other. So here is where your help is needed - please cheer for us so we can stay motivated!

It took me a while to find my oldest UFO... from the darkness of the bottom of a drawer I brought to light Great Spirit. Age - unknown, floss used - unknown, why there is not enough edges left - unknown, when it became UFO - unknown... It was cover with a film of an old age... so I had to give him a bath


with my heart going 100 miles per hour I used Oxi Clean - and to my biggest surprise it did an awesome job!

There is not much stitching left there, just a little on the border and, of course, back stitching and beading. The problem is that the chart has missing corner with symbols legend... it must be my little Brandie misbehaving when she was a puppy (Brandie died 6 years ago) - the bottom line is that I must match colors close enough so there is not an obvious difference.

Here is my little progress on Bless this house:

Exchanges received

I received couple lovely card from Terri

and beautiful ornament from SusanMarie

Thank you so much ladies!

And this is a card I sent to Terri

I made her another one, but completely forgot to take a picture of it before sending... and I did an ornament for SusanMarie and I took a picture of it but could not find it this morning... cross my heart, I will look for it and I will share it with you.

So long friends,


  1. "Великий Дух" красив,нет слов.Дышит мудростью.
    "The great Spirit" is beautiful, there are no words. Breathes wisdom.

  2. Lovely stuff! You have so many great projects on the go.

    I will cheer you and Kelly on with your UFO's. I really like the native one. Can't wait to see it totally complete.

  3. You really shouldn't need much Cheerleading, it certainly looks like it is almost done! Don't tell Kelly, but I think you'll win. Your DH is away and she has had her family expanding this summer!

  4. I'll cheer for you! I have an UFO that I started 10 years ago and it is only 1/4 finished. It has over 300,000 full cross stitches. Yes, I got the number of stitches correct - there really are that many zeros!

    Go girl! Denise

  5. Love both of your challange pieces. Myself I don't even know where my oldest UFO is!!LOL

    Mary Louise

  6. I'll cheer you on! Love the almost finished UFO and BTH and the cards and exchanges!

  7. You're so close with Great Spirit! Glad the cleaning went well and good luck matching up the colours.

  8. I'll certainly cheer for you. What a great way to get projects completed. I really like Great Spirit, but must admit it's Bless This House I'm looking forward to watching progress. Let the needles fly!

    Bea (CdnXStitch)

  9. I love your UFO it is gorgeous. Your WIP is looking great too. Great job on both.

  10. The great spirit is beautiful! I'm cheering for you, you can finish this!!
    Lovely exchanges.


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