Friday, November 19, 2010

My man is coming home!

Freddy went to Ontario just for a couple of weeks. Now, six and a half weeks later, he announced that he is coming back - next week... we'll see...

In the mean time I figured that since I'm home alone it is a great time to sort and organize my stash. I'm so sorry I started this project (you do not want to see a picture of my house right now!) I think it will take me 'til Christmas to have it all sorted and organized. I didn't realize how much I have... On the other hand, I have a blast! I "discovered" so many charts and kits that I've forgot I had!!!

And I was stitching a little, here is my progress on the Love and Bless this house:


Bless this house

Bless this house is so close to being finished, I think it will be done before my man comes back! Unfortunately I agreed to work this weekend and that will eat up my stitching time, on the other hand - I definitely can use extra cash before Christmas!

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So long friends,


  1. Great progress Evalina. I love it. I have to do the same to my stash I want to get a wardrobe though and put it in there lol

  2. Yes I DO want to see a photo of your house! Can't be worse than mine! Your projects look good. Take care.

  3. I do understand chaos in the stitching room, trust me! Love the stitching!

  4. продвигается в хорошем темпе.

  5. Sounds like something I'd do if I was home alone too long, lol!!

    Your stitching looks fabulous.

    Hope your Man really is coming home soon.

  6. Wow, 6 weeks? That is a long time. It's so fun to organize our stitching stuff though because you do find new things you MUST do!!! Your progress looks wonderful. Those kits are so pretty!


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