Thursday, February 17, 2011

I love cold days!!!

Do you want to know why? Cars do not do well in a cold temperatures, I lost one 4 years ago. Then I made a decision that I will not start the engine when is -35C or lower. It hurts to take unpaid day off but it offsets  handsomely when I do not have expensive car repairs. So, yesterday was one of those days:

It was cold and windy but I was the happiest woman on the planet! It was my stitchy day!!! I started on my Guardian Angel and couldn't put it away. It is a design from HAED that recommends 25ct fabric. Well, I decided to use a hardanger (22ct) instead and I love it, every single stitch! The whole piece is done in gray shades so I'm using water gray fabric. It doesn't look like much but here it is, my yesterday's work:

Today it is a little warmer, just on the border of my cut off temperature but I'm sure I can keep working on my GA for at least couple of hours...

So long friends,


  1. Как у вас холодно...Интиресный процесс.

  2. Have a great day stitching! It's nice to know there is something good about cold weather.

  3. Wow! I can't imagined being outside in that weather now. I used to enjoy it when I was a teenager but as an elderly lady, I am not sure. Laughing...anyway, love ur blog. I may try to stitch on 22 ct one of these days. I had to switch to 28ct from recommended 25ct due to my eyesights.


  4. Stay warm!

    I don't think my family ever lost a car to the cold but they sound so pathetic when they try to start when it's cold.

    Catching up on sleep right now. Hoping to get the new baby into a more regular schedule so I can stitch a little.

    Are you going one over one on the 22 ct?

  5. I can't even comprehend that kind of cold! Gives me goose bumps!

    But, you put that cold day to good use!

  6. We finally had a peek at spring and lost all our snow. But today got another 2" to cover the ground again. Glad you decided to use the 22 ct. I know that's the count I prefer to use for my Mystic pieces. The coverage is great and yet it's not too small to be a pain in the butt!


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