Tuesday, April 5, 2011

this and that...

Our "stewards of the land" are slaughtering polar bears! It makes me so angry - they call themselves all the pretty names like "First Nations", "Stewards of the Land" and so on but really they just plain poachers. Here is a full story.

And there is no signs of spring in the Yukon... here is a little visitor I had over the weekend

On the positive note - I've done a lot of stitching! My "E" is for egg is done

and from the different angle so you can see the beads better

Now I have to figure out how to really finish it. It is about 5 in by 5 in. I think that it will make a very nice flatfold.

That's not all! I have another finish:

It is hard to see, but it says "Wanted. 10,000 x stitches reward".  Maybe I should outline (backstitch) these white stitches...

So long friends,


  1. E turned out gorgeous! I love all that beading, reminds me of something very lacy. Outlining the white might be a good idea in the froggy if it's that hard to see in person :D

  2. The E is just beautiful.. I agree about the outline of the froggy... AND the poachers make me angry too...

  3. Вышивки классные,очень понравились.Белка такая забавная.
    А мишку жалко..я вообще за то чтобы убивать животных только для еды,а не ради забавы-вы правы они браконьеры.

  4. Your finishes are wonderful. The E is so elegant, just love it. Sorry to hear about all the polar bears, they are just lovely majestic creatures.

  5. Congrats on your two finishes. E is gorgeous. I agree, you should outline the light colored stitches so it can be seen better.

    So sad about the polar bears.

  6. It always amazes me how people can rationalize their bad deeds. Poor polar bears.

    Your finishes are great.....and poor you with all that snow and no signs of spring. Oh well, I guess that means more stitching time!

  7. Poachers make me sick and angry. It's so sad. How can people be so horrible???

  8. Your E is fabulous and as for the "Poachers-*&%^$ *&$%#@"
    The more they get, the more they want.

  9. I love ur E design.... and I think the frog is cute! I didn't see the stitcher so I agree that it needs to be backstitcher or something. Sorry about the polar bear! We have people shooting deers around the neighborhood here. I don't like poachers!


  10. Elegant piece with the beads.
    Yeah, I think 1,000 needs backstitching.
    Sorry to hear about polar bears.

  11. Congratulations on your finishes. The "E" is amazing looks really fancy. And your frog is really cute, although I must agree with the rest about backstitching the letters since they are hard to read. I'm so sorry to hear about he Polar Bears, I simply can't understand why people do that...

  12. E looks elegant and as far as finishing? Well I just finished D for a friend and did it this way. http://ndmurdock.multiply.com/photos/album/168/Finishing_techniques trying to match the colors is hard....but it could have been the piece of material she stitched it on. Hate the poachers!

  13. Your E is beautiful and the frog is cute.


  14. I've heard about polar bear poaching. It's so sad.

    E looks great! That little frog is adorable too!

  15. I just don't understand hunting at all really. Neither does my little girl. It is so sad.
    Your E for Egg is BEAUTIFUL! A flatfold would look wonderful.

  16. E is beautiful!I don't like what they are doing to the Polar Bears also.

  17. Congrats on the finishes, both look great!

  18. Oh dear, another endangered species being put into even more danger...and they say guns dont kill, what baloney they are as lethal as the person pulling the trigger.
    Thank you for sharing though xxx


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