Monday, October 31, 2011

It's a Halloween night

and the last day of the month.  October was a good month for me - I've got a new car (look how beautiful she looks after her "makeover")

I opened a new saving account and actually I made some money already! I was thinking about current stage in my life, how much longer I want to work and what I will do after... I do not like to work, really, the best scenario would be if I could retire but financially I'm not in that position yet...  so that's why I decided to save some more.

And I did some stitching! Here is my square for charity with outlined mushrooms. It looks much better, thank you for an advice.

I finished stitching for competition held in my yahoo group. Unfortunately I can't show it yet, I do not want to be disqualified. And I worked some more on TTT

After all I was so "witched out" and was looking for something brighter to work on. I pulled out couple of pieces from my UFO (unfinished objects) basket. An ornament that I've started a year ago:

and my oldest UFO... it must be around 18 years old. I made a mistake and left it on the back burner. Yesterday my sail boats saw the light again. I've frogged all mistakes (or most of them) and now I'm ready to work on it. That piece will be my first one for the 2012 WIPocalypse project.

Have a great spooky night!


  1. Wow, and 18 year old UFO that made it back into stitching. I think after that long I might just give up on them, but that might also be because my tastes have changed quite a bit over the years, as I've discovered new samplers and designers. I'm glad you pulled the sailboats back out, it looks like a great project.

  2. I love the Red Riding Hood. She looks familiar. I need to get that pattern. I also like the black Halloween sampler

  3. ooo well done on the progress 's and cooooo that's an old ufo well done on getting it sorted :) love mouse xxxx

  4. Your Red Riding Hood looks adorable! The cardinal is very pretty. Hurray for UFO's being taken out of the basket! I have a 15-year-old UFO that I really should finish soon (maybe next year).

  5. Awesome stitching! Love the charity block, especially. And enjoy the ride!

  6. Ack! Somehow, I left my comment on the wrong post. So, see the 17th, LOL Sorry!

  7. Your stitching looks good! Good luck with the oldest UFO progress. I think if I had one that old my tastes would have changed so much that I wouldn't care for it and so I wouldn't want to finish it!


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