Saturday, August 25, 2012

Farewell Neil Armstrong

 "One small step for man, a giant leap for mankind"

 I still remember these days when I was glued to our black and white TV, watching first man on the moon. I decided to do some stitching to honor his achievements. In 123.stitch I found this chart:

I really like the bottom picture. It will take a month or so until I get it, but that's OK - I have many WiPs to work on.

So long my friends,


  1. I remember Neil Armstrong, too. It's astronauts like him that made me love the idea of space and science fiction.

    Good luck with your stitching.

  2. What a nice thing to remember Neil Armstrong. My daughter was 2 months old when the moon landing happened. I was up to see it!

  3. My whole family was there watching history happen. I still remember it vividly.

    Great choice of chart Evalina.

  4. aww what a lovely thing to remember..
    happy stitching xxx

  5. Astronauts, singers, kindergarteners with vision, I'm in awe of people who focus on their dreams. Just stepping out the door, but I have to listen to Frank before I go. Love the stitch work.


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