Friday, November 30, 2012

November wrap-up

November is practically over. It was a good month, a month with no excuses. I did not accomplish what I had plan but, never less, at least it got me thinking. I'm lacking will power! So, what to do about it? After a lot of research I found a book written by Kelly McGonigal: The Willpower Instinct: How Self-Control Works, Why it Matters, and What You Can Do to Get More of it. Brilliant! I have it in an audiobook and digital format (since I live middle of nowhere these two formats are the easiest and fastest to get). She talks about all the excuses possible! I think if I follow her program I will finish all my stitching projects, file all the back income tax returns and loose weight. There is many books on goal settings and I do not have problem with that. I'm actually very good at goal settings and New Year resolutions and so on. I have all the good intentions, but always there is always 'something' on the way and there is always 'tomorrow' or 'next week', or 'next year'. The only thing that I really accomplished and I'm proud of it is quitting smoking. But that was years ago... somehow I've hanged...  Not for long though. Here are my plans for December:
  • Work on Willpower following the book
  • Finish my lovely pirate Santa (I'm almost there)
  • Keep working on 'Songs of the Season'
  • Buy floss for my new bell pull
  • Start on Scarlet Letter kits right after they arrive. I'm not sure which one but I think I will start with the pincushion
  • Read one book a week. I've just started the Neverlove by Angela Brown. It's awesome! I've started to read last night and now I'm half way through. Beautifully written and it is one of those books that make you keep turning pages and are impossible to put them down
  • File back taxes 
That's all, we'll see where I will be by the end of December!

So long my friends,


  1. I'm part of a Plans list. I feel EXTRA special, especially since I get to be with Pirate Santa. Yar Ho Ho Yar!

    What is this will power? Is that the thing I should use to not eat chocolate like every piece will run away from me? If so, I better work on getting a load of it myself :-)

    Please continue enjoying Neverlove :-)

  2. Sounds like you have a great plan. I just might look into that book myself.

  3. I beleive in the power of positve thinking and in settng goals as it is good to have something to aim for.

    I devour audio books whilst stitching and am always on the lookout for recommendations.

    Regrettably we do not live near a good book store and I do miss spending an hour browsing and dipping into books before I buy
    Thank God for the internet and ipads as it is amazing how we can download an e or audio book in seconds.

    In Cornwall the Council provide access to their library so that you can download both formats free of charge which is a big help as I always use my audible credits up really quickly each month.

  4. I think we all struggle with will power; we all start of with the best of intentions lol. Hope the book helps xx

  5. Good luck with all of your plans, I have discovered audio books too. They are great for stitching.

  6. Good luck with your plans Evalina. Please let us know how you do.


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