Saturday, September 21, 2013

Stitchy weekend ahead!

It's a lovely Saturday morning, first day of Autumn and a stitchy weekend ahead of me. The fall equinox is really tomorrow at 1:44 PM (Pacific Standard Time) - day and night should be equal and from now on the nights will get longer and longer.

Last week Freddy's Mom arrived and she will stay with us for a while. It will be interesting to see how long she will enjoy the north. For three years or so she was planning this trip and finally she made it. The funny thing is that most of her adult life every winter she was spending in Florida - now she will be on the frozen north... She brought her 'winter clothes' (suitable for Florida of course) and I almost was rolling on the floor laughing - thank goodness I have good supply of parkas. Mom's visits are always long ones ... will see this time.

Last weekend we went for a ride to show her our marvelous north and the smallest ever desert.

 Mom is almost 82 years young and I think she looks fabulous! Below is Mom with Freddy:

Now, let's talk about the stitchy stuff. I have finished my little towel

and this weekend I'm working on the Halloween House. The HS is a SAL with Linda and many others. Some ladies have already finished this project - I hope to have mine done by Halloween.

So long my friends,


  1. For sure Mom will need just a bit more than that scarf. You will have a lovely long visit.

  2. Your HH is absolutely stunning on that fabric. What a great color choice. I'm quite sure you will be done by Halloween. I hope to have Good Morning finished up tomorrow.


  3. О,мама красавица!Чудесно провести зиму.Маму люблю.
    Вышивка хороша,браво!

  4. Your progress on the Halloween House is coming along good. It has been fun stitching it with all of you. Love the towel. Enjoy the visit from Mom.

  5. Oh how adventurous for Freddy's mom! Great stitching too!

  6. The towel is very cute. HH is progressing nicely. I hope you do finish it before Halloween. Freddy's Mom is being adventurous spending the winter with both of you.

  7. Freddie's Mom look wonderful...hope she has some good wool socks! I can imagine her Florida "winter clothes", maybe like a sweater? Haha, she'll learn. Love your stitching progress.

  8. Can't believe your Mom is in her 80"s! She looks great. Love your fall projects!

  9. This is going to be pretty! Perfect fabric for a scary Halloween mansion.

  10. PS Mom looks great. Hope her visit is great too. Had to laugh at her 'winter' clothes.

  11. Your mom is looking so sweet..
    Love your project
    Hugs x

  12. Your stitching looks wonderful So does your mother.

  13. Your mum looks wonderful.
    Lovely stitching project.
    Greetings Grit

  14. Your halloween pieces look great. I think Freddy's mom is in for a rude awakening if she stays too long! I live in the north and they are nothing like YOUR winters! Have fun while she is there.


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