Saturday, November 11, 2017

Hello Saturday, hello long weekend!

I don't know why but I'm very cheerful this morning. I guess because of the extra day off. I'm back to corporate world again, giving up my freedom on one hand and gaining extra cash on the other. I guess isn't time for retirement for me yet.

I have a lot on my 'to do' list today. Number one is to replace kitchen faucet. It started to leak a while ago, Freddy did nothing... then couple days ago he was standing in a paddle of water on the kitchen floor. Two days went buy and my man did not even call the plumber... Since my man refuses to do any repair jobs in the house (I guess he was a woman in his previous life 'cause he is great in the kitchen), I decided today is the day for me to look after. Yesterday I watched a few videos on YouTube how to replace the faucet and it doesn't look too difficult at all. Guys were saying that it should take about an hour and new faucet is around a hundred bucks. Will see when I'm done.

As promise here is my update on the Pumpkin Man. I also have a SAL Facebook group where a few of us are working on same project: Jack O Man SAL

Wish me luck and I will keep you posted!

So long my friends,


  1. Nice to get a post from you Evalina. Pumpkin Man looks like a fun stitch.


  2. hope you get that faucet fixed and you are right men have a very hard time doing things for us. I get sick of bitching, bagging, or crying to get something done. If I can do it I do it myself and have it done. have a good day. hugs

  3. Faucet replacement sounds like an interesting post!

  4. Good luck with the faucet and Pumpkin Man looks great!

  5. Belle avanc├ę de la broderie


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