12 days of Christmas in Blogland

In the spirit of Christmas I decided to create a friendly event. Let's visit our friends in a Blogland, learn about them and their hobbies. This will be a 12-day event starting Christmas Day, December 25th. You can sign up anytime between now and Christmas. If you would like to play with me, here are the rules:
  1. You must be an active blogger
  2. Please create post titled "12 days of Christmas in Blogland" and tell us about you and your arty/crafty things. Show them to us, If you have a on-line shop tell us about it!
  3. During the event you should have a giveaway (yes, you can have more than one)
  4. Make sure you grab the button from my side bar and copy to yours. 
Have fun and Merry Christmas!

Please visit participants blogs:


2.Loretta5.Hannah - City Stitcher
3.Jo who can't think of a clever nickname6.
Kathy Ellen


  1. hello dear,, please count me in..i will mentioned about it on my blog tomm morning..thank you..
    hugs cucki xx

  2. hello dear, ia m trying to put the logo on side bar of my blog but blogger is gone crazy again..i am clicking "design"and trying to do it but it is saying..error..so i will try again later or tomm.
    thank you cucki xx

  3. yup..all done..it is on my blog now :)

  4. my post and giveaway is up on my blog now..all is done :)
    happy cucki xx

  5. Me me! *waves hand in air* i was going to do a surprise christmas themed giveaway, but this sounds like much more fun :)

  6. PS I ahve put the button on my blog. When should we publish our entries? Any time after 12/25?


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