Sunday, December 14, 2008

Exchanges and stitching

I would like to say thank you to Shelley for being a wonderful partner in 12 days of Christmas exchange. Check the picture on the right to see what I received from her.

There are couple of items are missing on that image, the CD (it is in my CD player) and an ornament "I Believe" (it is in my briefcase). The ornament was my lucky charm on the exam.

And here are gifts from Jillann. We are partners in Advent exchange and that exchange isn't over yet... more goodies are coming! Thank you so much Jillann, you are a great partner!

And I was stitching this weekend! I was tempted to start a new project but I decided to hold my horses and work on Frederick the Literate. Here is the progress..


  1. Looks like a great exchange and Frederick is coming along great. Good to the see the old friend out again!

  2. What a fun exchange! Nice job on your WIP

  3. Frederick is looking really good!

  4. awwww goodie's goodie's
    I hope you have fun with these.

  5. Nice packages!

    Frederick is looking fantastic.

  6. Frederick is coming to live. He is so cute. I am happy that you enjoyed you 12 Days Gifts.

  7. Great gifts from your 12 days of Christmas and great progress on Frederick
    HUGS Patty

  8. Frederick is coming along nicely and that is a very nice exchange you had.

  9. Wonderful gifts in the exchange. And Wonderful Progress.


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