Saturday, December 27, 2008

12 days of Christmas...

I love Christmas and everything about Christmas. Even though I'm not very religious I do like the traditional magic of this day, a little baby Jesus was born to save us.

The first day of Christmas we started with Mimosa (mix of champagne and passion fruit) and eggs Benedict. Ironically I started to read Pagan Christ by Tom Harpur... and my imagination took me to ancient Egypt. To bring myself back to reality I baked some Hungarian Kifflies (recipe was a compliment of Penny). And my first day of Christmas was very relaxing.

The second day of Christmas I started with Spanish coffee (the one with brandy) and ended with a dinner at neighbours. And, I started a new project... For Christmas I bought myself Asian Scene with Buddha and he was calling my name... so again, poor Frederick is on a back burner...

On the third day of Christmas I created a new yahoo group for cross stitchers that like do exchanges of their work, ideas, stash and so on. If you would like to join go to:


  1. Sounds wonderful! I have sent a request to join your new group!

  2. Looks like an interesting new project for you! I gave up on exchanges a while ago, but hope you have lots of success on yours.

  3. Good luck with your exchange group!


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