Monday, May 25, 2009

More pictures

Yesterday we had our first spring rain. The clouds were building up quickly and look very dramatic above the lake. And because I live by the lake I grabbed the camera and here are a few more pics from last night.

I love this one


  1. It's so pretty in your part of Canada! :) Lovely pics.
    And *late* congrats on your finish a few posts ago.

  2. That first picture could win a photography contest! It must be nice to see the ground after being covered by snow and ice for so long. I can't imagine having days last so long!

  3. Gorgeous pics - what a lovely place to live (cold, but lovely! LOL)

  4. Beautiful pictures of where you live. It looks so peaceful.

    Your furbaby is so cute.

    Enjoy spring and summer.

    Good luck for your studies and exams.

    Congrats on finishing the Asian scene. What do the Chinese letters mean?
    I think framing is the best.

    What are you stitching on now?

  5. Beautiful photos, Evalina.


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