Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm baaack!

And I have no idea where to start... Hm, let's see... I'm not blond anymore. After 16 years I'm brunette again. Here is my "new" look:

And finally June exams are behind me. I was so overwhelmed with amount of study materials and lack of time. In my desperation I started stitching a new little project:

That's exactly how I felt.. Thank goodness it is past and I think I did OK on the finals. The results are released in 8 weeks but I do not care. This summer I'm enrolled in one course only - Business Law in Canada - and so far I love it. (Until now my favorite subject was macro and micro economics.)

And I have a finish! I stitched a small gift for dear friend Deborah to make her birthday a little more special:

This week I'm rearranging furniture in my study/craft room. Stay tuned for more pictures.


  1. I like your hair color. I think it suits you.
    The finish for Deborah is so sweet. I know she loves it.
    Your frog WIP is pretty too. I like the colors in this.
    Good luck with your summer class.

  2. Your hair color looks great! Cute frog pattern. I give you kudos for sticking with the education. I can't imagine working and school and trying to get any stitching or fun in. The gift for Deborah is very cute and I am sure she adores it!

  3. I think your hair color suits you. Looks great! Lovely gift for Deborah. I'm sure she will cherish it.

  4. I think your hair looks great. 16 years is a long time to be dying your hair. That is a lovely gift for Deborah. I'm sure she'll love it. Boy does backstiching make a big difference, lol. Your frogs are cute.

  5. I love your new look. It looks great. I like your frogs. Very cute.

  6. You be looking good as a brunette, the frogs are cute and Deborah will like her gift. Congrats on getting through another year of school.

  7. Evalina, you look beautiful!

  8. The new hair color looks good.

    My daughter is finishing up macro and micro this week.

  9. Love the hair color. Looks good on you.

    Of course I love the WIP...I have that kit somewhere around here.

    The finish for Deborah is really nice and I'm sure she will treasure it.

  10. i'm working on the frogs too! i just have to stitch the green one & do the backstitching & i'll be done...i started it in july '08 but it will get done!

    yours is just adorable! i love that pattern.

  11. Your new hair looks great. Love it. Crossing fingers for your examn results. And congrats with the beautiful finishes


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