Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Where is my porcupine?

In the morning, on the way to work I spotted a small "road kill" porcupine. And of course the first thing that came to my mind was embellishments! I could use some of those quills... I didn't have time to stop and I figure that I will do it on the way home.

Nope, someone was ahead of me! I don't have quills, but I have a picture. And I didn't want to fight with bald eagle. He/she was not even scared of the coming truck or me, just standing on the front of the meal and posing for the camera.

On days like that I love Yukon!


  1. Wow, Evalina! What a great picture. I wouldn't tangle with an eagle either; he looks perfectly composed there and would probably have no compunction tearing someone apart that came near his food!

  2. He/she looks HUGE standing there in the road. I have enjoyed watching the web cams of the nests!

  3. How awesome, to be able to get that close. You are so lucky.

  4. LOL, he wasn't giving up his "prize". Great pic!

  5. Love O Canada! Neat picture.


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