Tuesday, November 10, 2009

UFO Tuesday

I've accepted Kelly's UFO Tuesday challenge and I'll be stitching again my poor, forgotten Jesus.
So, from the bottom of a draw he is back on a frame. I had to frog a little but now I'm ready to go.


  1. So glad you joined in for UFO day. He looks so good already! I look forward to seeing your next update!
    Hugs! x

  2. Ugh. I don't wanna drag out my UFO. It's going to require tearing out two hour of stitching.

    Jesus is looking good by the way.

  3. Looks great! Will be fun watching your progress on this.

  4. I remember my mom had the exact same poicture hanging up in the living room till the day she died. Your doing a great job on him.

  5. He's glad to be out of your drawer and have his mistakes fixed. Now you're all set for next week.


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