Saturday, January 8, 2011

Crazy January Challenge continues...

Yesterday was my ex's birthday and I have a tradition of buying gifts and pampering myself on that day. (Life is good!!!) It wasn't a good relationship and I'm glad it ended. But, let's talk about my shopping. A while ago a fell in love with Guardian Angel by L.A. Williams (art work), design by Michelle from Heaven and Earth Designs. 

And yesterday I made an executive decision and bought all the floss and fabric to go with this chart. I know I'm crazy but it's crazy challenge so this will be my Project 5.  It will take a while for goodies to arrive, in the mean time I can work on other projects. 

Project 6 - Lighthouse Island. It's a pretty big biscornu (almost pillow size!)

When done it will look like this:

Project 7 - ornament "Love"

When done it suppose to look like this:

Project 8 - Pope John Paul II

I'm not very religious but this man has a very special place in my heart - he changed my world. In time of confusion, fear, hunger and anger (I'm talking about 80's, time of martial law in Poland, time of ending communist tyranny in Europe). Actually when I think about 80's there is two more leaders I'm thankful to - Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. Those three changed the course of history. Going back to my Pope, this is a start:

When done he should look like this:

And, I have a little progress on Project 1!

Shiver me Timbers is coming to life!

Check tomorrow for next project!


  1. I love all your starts Evalina and good for you for pampering yourself a little.

  2. Great choices Evalina I cannot wait to see your HAED :)

  3. Wow, I did not realize that about the former Pope. I was reading on wikipedia about his work in Poland. Quite a beautiful piece. Is the basilica in the background backstitched? That looks like one of the most intricate backstitchings I've ever seen.

    I would treat myself on my ex's birthday too....if I even remembered his birthday. Doesn't matter, I have a good man now.

  4. Fantastic choices Evalina. You're not shying away from a challenge. Your HAED will look no less then fantastic.
    And what a great idea to pamper yourself on a day like that. :)

  5. Lovely treat for yourself :) Your crazy Challenge projects are quite challenging! Can't wait to see all your progress on them!

  6. lol - too bad he didn't have 3 birthdays! But, oh the shopping! It will be beautiful! And your other projects - what great choices.

  7. Gorgeous projects and great progress. I especially like the giant biscornu. Biscornu of all sizes are always a delight. :)

  8. Love your new HAED and your reasoning for buying it, lol!!!

    All of your stitching is looking wonderful :)

  9. Great reason for buying some new stash!! You have some lovely projects started to keep you busy all year! I'm not in the challenge, but I did fess up all my WIP that were hanging around!

  10. love the lighthouse
    the pope is a wonderful tribute.


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