Monday, January 3, 2011

Crazy January Challenge with a dash of wit

While preparing for Crazy January Challenge I found projects that are barely started, that are challenging, beautiful and definitely need to be finish. After all the purpose of the challenge is to use old stash...

Here they are:

Project 1 - Shiver Me Timbers from Sue Hills Design. This project I'm stitching for our dear friend  from ILCS group Rene. Rene is very ill and I know she likes the pattern.

I'm stitching it on the 32 ct Mercedes Lugana with DMC floss. When done it will look like this:

Project 2 - Egyptian Temple from Heaven and Earth Designs design by Ciro Marchetti:

This one I'm stitching on 25 ct Jobelyn over 1 thread with 1 thread of floss. It is a huge project and I'm sure it will take me years to finish. When done it will look like this:

Project 3 - Angel of the Morning from Lavender and Lace:

Another BAP! Fabric: Blue Spruce Jobelyn 32 ct, 2 over 2.  When done it will look like this:

Stay tuned for another update of my Crazy January Challenge (CJC)!


  1. Oh my! The Egyptian one is HUGE!!! And the angel - I've seen that one done as a round robin for the fire dept that lost men in 9/11. It's beautiful! Good luck with your projects! Wowsers!

  2. Great stitching I love all of your choices.

  3. What great projects you have lined up :)

    I hope to see updates on all of these throughout the year, lol!

  4. Oh my gosh Evalina...2 of the 3 first projects are BAP's. And wonderful ones too I might add. Looking forward to see your other choices. Seems you're going to be quite busy this year :)

  5. Evalina, you're going to be so busy!! I love your projects and look forward to seeing your progress.

    Happy New Year to you and yours.

  6. Wow, you definitely picked some challenges. Especially the HAED. I can now see why everyone on our yahoo group loves them. They are gorgeous. Maybe I'll attempt one when the babies are older and not into my floss.

  7. Gorgeous projects! Looking forward to seeing more.

  8. I know you will finish project 1 this year....the Egypt one??? Well it's beautiful and HUGE. I'll give you 3 years to get it done! LOL Good luck with all your stitching this year!

  9. What a variety of projects. the snowman is so cute. Love Egyptian things, but I won't attempt that one. Best wishes on finishing those WIPs in 2011.

  10. Waw, fantastic projects! You'll have your work set out for you :)

  11. Yeah the Egyptian Temple is a great piece. I have just started it myself. Page 2 of 26.Would love to see how it is progessing.


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