Saturday, August 27, 2011

Followers appreciation giveaway

I would love to thank all my followers for reading my blog, crying with me in times of sorrow and laughing in times of happiness. Thank you for leaving comments, thank you for hugs and smiles. You are so kind to me and here is a little from me to you: a giveaway.

As usual there is no rules for this giveaway other than you do have to be a follower. You do not have to mention about this giveaway on your blog (if you do I really appreciate it) and you do not have to leave comments under this post (but if you do I would love it). The winner will be randomly chosen from all my followers on Saturday, a week from today - make sure to check my blog and let me know where to ship the goodies! This is what the winner will get:

a dream catcher to make sure that all your dreams are beautiful (the bad ones will be caught and hold by the dream catcher)
a cute little froggie to put smile on your face

 some Hershey's

 Happy Hunting, chart by Lizzie Kate

and a bookmark stitch by me for you (no picture yet, it will be a surprise)


So long friends,


  1. What a wonderful way to hold a giveaway. Love the Lizzy Kate. Does the frog come to stop all frogging from happening? Wouldn't that be nice.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  2. Aw lovely giveaway! Mister frog is definitely cute for sure and who wouldn't love chocolate after having frogged a good portion of their work! hah!

    I just noticed you're reading Pillars of the Earth, I finished that not too long ago, very good read. I bought the miniseries as well, which I've been meaning to watch through, if only I could step away from the Tudors long enough to do it!

  3. Lots of things in your giveaway Evalina. What a great frog!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  4. You are such a sweet lady! Just like those yummy Hershey's! Hee Hee! What a sweet giveaway. I am delighted to know you but have been out of the loop and trying to catch up! I am enjoying it! Happy weekend! Hugs Anne

  5. What a great giveaway. I always enjoy reading your blog. I wish mine was as interesting.
    How is your thumb? Have you been able to stitch again?

  6. You had me at frog....

    It was 107 degrees Fahrenheit today. Can you ship down some Yukon weather and some rain please?

  7. Evalina, you are most generous with your giveaway. I always enjoy reading your blog!

  8. A wonderful giveaway Evalina!! Love the froggie :)

  9. What a great giveaway!! I love reading your blog. Hope you can enjoy a few more weeks of nice weather before the winter starts setting in.

  10. Today I'm taking a break from all the preparations I'm doing for my mom's 80th birthday party and spending it visiting my dear bloggy friends! Such a lovely surprise to come visit you and find out you are having a giveaway:-) I love the story behind dream catchers, in fact any Native legends are fascinating!!

    I've been wanting to ask you, when you lived in Ontario, which part of it did you live in? I've been here in Sudbury all my life:-)

    I hope your week is a lovely one! xoxo

  11. Great give away Evalina. I just love the chart.

  12. What a cute frog! I love the chart too! But I especially love reading your blog. I, too, enjoyed "Pillar of the Earth". I read the book as well as saw the movie on the television series. The dream catcher is handy to keep the bad dreams away. Will be looking forward to seeing u at the stitch get together!


  13. LOL, the expression on the frog's face is cute! I follow you on Google reader, but I don't know if it shows up over there --->.

    How's your arm? Is it healed up? Mine has healed up except for a couple red spots that I'm hoping are not scars.

  14. how generous of you.
    How is your arm?


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