Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It has been a while...

It has been a while since my last post not because nothing is happening in my life but because I'm falling apart... First was my thumb (still sore but manageable and I can stitch a little!), now it is my shoulder. For over a month it is bothering me and making my life difficult. And to make things worse last Saturday I flew from the porch to the driveway, like a bomb... I was lying on the ground and I had no idea: should I laugh or cry? In my mind I saw my body falling dawn in the slow motion and that made me laugh but the added pain wanted me to cry... thank goodness no broken limbs, just a few bruises and scratches

And that's not all; I also had a flat tire. Part of Alaska Highway is under construction (and there are no other roads) that will take me to work and somehow a very sharp stone get into my brand new tire:

 Do you see it?

And that is inside the tire, not fixable - I got a brand new tire and for a first time I appreciated the road hazard insurance!

Now I will quit winning and get to an awesome stuff.

I received the most beautiful mail art from my stitching buddy, our lovely Meari. Normally I wouldn't show addresses but she did such amazing job and picked a very lovely alphabet so I do not mind if you see mine

the front

and the back

I wasn't going to open this gorgeous envelope until Meari receives mine, but since I was so hurt and so beat-up, ... I opened it... and, oh my!, so many goodies were inside:

 a lovely chart that I decided to stitch and make a broach or a name tag for my stitching retreat in September

 a whole bunch of teas that still waiting for me to try them

a lovely floss that for sure it will get used

and a package of flower seeds that will be planted in the spring. There also was a postcard (didn't take a picture, darn it!) with a little history facts. Thank you so much Meari, you've made my day! I was in such happy mood that I stitched some... I've started a new project though...

Maybe this weekend I will get back to my Guardian Angel.

So long friends,


  1. Sorry to hear about all the bad luck you have been having. I hope things turn around for you soon and you can get back to stitching. Such a nice package you received.

  2. Are you trying for a new record?? Glad that you are ok. Your mail art is awesome. Hope you are on the mend and will be stitching again soon.

  3. Ouch! Hope your scrapes heal fast. Flat tires suck!

    Beautiful Mail Art!! Meari always outdoes herself.

  4. Glad the package came to cheer you up, lovely stitching. Hope you're healing fast.

  5. Such beautiful mail art from Meari! Your new Halloween project looks great!

  6. Sorry about all your mishaps. Love your mail, that would be hard to open. The cherry vanilla tea sounds delicious.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  7. Oh Evalina! You poor girl. I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself. (Sounds like something I'd do!)

    Glad you liked the mailart package. I knew you liked birds and flowers, so that's what I ended up making. It's nice to know it brought some comfort to your ouchie day... kinda like a band-aid :)


  8. Ow that looks and sounds painful! I had a dive off a porch once too, not fun! I totally agree though, you don't know whether to laugh or cry. I think I managed to do both at once :D

    Those are some very lovely things, and I'm glad they made you happy :) Take care and no more trying to fly!

  9. Sounds like you're having quite some bad luck lately Evalina. Feeling really sorry for you.

    The mail art packet from Meari looks great. What a great way to cheer you up after all that.

  10. You poor girl! Heal fast! The gifts from Meari is very lovely. Glad they cheered you up!

  11. I had to come back and look at your envelope pics. No wonder you didn't know I stitched on the back, LOL.

  12. ouch ouch ouch, poor you!
    Nice package from Meari.

  13. Sorry to hear about the fall and then the flat tire. Meari's package was so sweet, glad she was able to cheer you up some. May you heal quickly.

  14. Ouch! No more injuries for you please!

    And it is a lovely envelope, I was admiring it on Meari's blog as well.

  15. Why is our reaction to laugh when we fall?

    What a beautiful piece of mail-art to receive!!!!

  16. Oh dear Evalina. I do hope you start to heal all those booboos.

    Are you loving Halloween Rules??
    I am close to a finish on mine. (I should really update a picture of it on my blog, lol). It's been thoroughly fun and not overly challenging. Hope you enjoy it too!

  17. Such a lovely envelope. I've only done one myself and it flew to Australia unharmed! Don't take any more spills! You need your hands and arms for stitching!

  18. Ouch, you really did hurt yourself, those scrapes and bruises had to be sore!! Hopefully you're all recovered by now. What bad luck on the tire as well. Last year I drove into one of our city's big potholes that took the tire right off its rim...thankfully the rim wasn't too badly damaged so I didn't need to buy a new one but did need a new tire.

    Love the way your friend decorated your envelope, so much lovelier to receive than the ordinary old bills! She really sent you some wonderful goodies as well:-) xoxo


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