Saturday, August 31, 2013

Good morning Saturday!

It's a lovely Saturday morning in the Yukon. The sky is blue, sun is shining, swans and Canadian geese are leaving the north honking loud. I love their sound, it makes me longing to fly with them....

Last Tuesday I realized how much we are dependent on technology. Out of the blue all my networks were down - no internet, no telephone, even my cell was down. I felt completely cut off from the whole world.  I was angry and helpless - thank goodness for relaxing hobby. I grabbed my cheerful 'Good Morning' and I think I was stitching somewhat faster that usual...

It looks like I'm half way done this project as there is a lot of back stitching. I also have been working on Ol Harvest Moon and this one is almost done. You can't imagine how happy I was after I finished the moon - it was the most boring part - thousands of tiny stitches all in the same colour. This piece I'm stitching on 25ct with one strand of floss (1 over 1). I'm planning to finish it as an ornament.

It is a long weekend and I hope I can have a lot of stitching done in the next couple of days!

So long my friends,


  1. Wonderful projects! Maybe you needed a little break? ;)

  2. Great progress on both pieces Evalina. I'm sure you will be done way before me.


  3. You surely are getting through those WIP's.

  4. wonderful projects..i love them all...
    big hugs x

  5. Beautiful stitching..I love the Owl!

  6. Both looks lovely, although I can imagine the yellow would drive me crackers too!

  7. I love both of these!
    They are so bright and cheerful!


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