Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Traveling pattern

 I have finished my Pumpkin and made a little pillow. Now the chart is ready to take off.

Traveling pattern is going to Linda, check her blog if you would like to see where the chart will go next.

I've also made a little progress on my Halloween House.

This design was to be stitched on white fabric and I decided to change it for more 'halloweenish' look. So far I like it despite a few 'oops' here and there. Can I finish it by Halloween? It looks like I need a challenge... will anybody dare me?

So long my friends,


  1. your halloween design looks fabulous on that fabric - love the skeleton hanging from the tree - would be great see you finish this in time for halloween :)

  2. love the wee pumpkin and I dare you to finish the sal .. looks fab on the darker fabric too ... can't wait to see it all done but don't panic if you don't manage it ,,, take care love mouse xxxxxx

  3. A lovely pumpkin finish, congratulations!

  4. Love the bright colors in the Halloween design. Cute little pillow, but what's a traveling design?

  5. You certainly picked an appropriate background color. Well done. You certainly must finish it by Halloween. Or not.

  6. Great stitching , love all the bright colours.

  7. I love the halloween house and its beautiful colours. If you get it done by Halloween you'll be able to start another for next year :) or not lol and start another any way. Happy stitching. How do you get on the list for a traveling pattern? I really like your pumpkin pillow.

    1. Thanks my dear. I already have another project in mind... If you would like the traveling pattern you must follow where it goes and keep leaving messages on current stitcher blog. The chart goes to Linda, the l;ink to her blog is in my post. Just watch out for posting about traveling pattern on her blog.

  8. Hi Evalina. Yippee! I have a pattern coming. Do you have my address? Congrats on the cute finish.
    I love the color of fabric that your doing HH on. It just makes the colors pop.


  9. I love the JBW design. The fabric on the Halloween design is wonderful, go for the finish!

  10. A cute little pumpkin! Good luck on your challenge!


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