Monday, December 2, 2013

Hello December!

Beautiful sunny day in the Yukon, though a little chilli I would say... Yeah, who I'm kidding eh? It's f?#@!g cold! Thank goodness I'm working from home and do not have to stick my nose outside. Frosty has very short walks today, believe me.

Would like to know what I was stitching lately? I worked a little on Door Hanger 'Jingle as Ye Enter, Jingle as Ye go' from Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe
 and on the ornament. Here is the front:
and the back:
I'm using lovely silk floss from Carrie's Creation 'Holly Days'.
I also have finish stitching freebie from Plum Street design (scroll down for the link)
For some reason my camera can't grab the right colors, this piece is stitched with a lovely turquoise - it looks perfectly blue on the pic...

And I was making some stitching  plans for the next year. Of course all my WIPs are the top priority but (shh...) I signed up for a couple of SALs: Just Nan and smalls. For smalls I have plenty charts and supplies, for Just Nan I chose 'Queen of the Needle'.
It's a lovely design but I couldn't find recommended fabric. I've bought 28 ct Cashel linen in baby pink but after looking at it it was just too much baby and too much pink...

A while ago I was reading on Nancy's blog about archival inks and decided to give it a try with some pale ochre and sepia color over that baby pink. Here is the result (in real life it's a little bit lighter than on the picture)
 So, the floss needs to be put on bobbins and I'll be ready to go when the SAL starts. (Check my right side bar for links to these SALs)

So long my friends,


  1. Brrr! That's cold. You got the wrong pattern name on your wip. I am not sure which one it is, but it is pretty. Plum Street sampler is beautiful.

  2. Felicitation magnifique broderies et le fil est aussi beau Marie-Claire

  3. Queen of the Needle is a lovely choice! Looking forward to seeing your progress on it. :)

  4. Lots of fun projects happening! Keep warm!!

  5. Brrr! Love your snowman ornament.

  6. And to think we are whining about + 25 degrees! Great projects you have going. I think the pink linen looks great!

  7. Congrats on the finishes Evalina. It's suppose to be freezing temps here for the next couple of evenings.


  8. Lovely stitching! I cannot even imagine such cold temps. Sometimes in January, we have a super cold spell with windchills down to -35F and that's way to cold for me! Glad you get to stay in and stay warm.

  9. You chose a great design for the Just Nan SAL. And the baby pink has changed its colour very beautifully after dying it.
    Very nice stitching on your WIPs and congrats on the lovely finish.
    Great for you that you needn't go out at these temperatures. I even can't imagine this kind of cold, brrr.

  10. THAT is cold!!!
    I love Just Nan. Beautiful!

  11. That is crazy cold! CRAZY!!!!!

    Beautiful stitching and I love your test with the archival ink!

  12. Oh my! So cold! I don't think I could cope ^^;
    I've decided to stitch Queen of the Needle for the Just Nan SAL too! :D It will be my first Just Nan design to stitch so I'm looking forward to it.


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