Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What to give up...

In Poland priests do not mark our foreheads with ash crosses, instead they sprinkle ashes on our heads.

Ash Wednesday is here, time to give up something! For a change let's give up:
complaining - focus on gratitude
pessimism - become an optimist
harsh judgments - think kindly thoughts
worry - trust divine providence
discouragement - be full of hope
bitterness - turn to forgiveness
hatred - return good for evil
negativism - be positive
anger - be more patient
pettiness - become mature
gloom - enjoy the beauty that is all around you
jealousy - pray for trust
gossiping - control your tongue
sin - turn to virtue
giving up - hang in there!
I think it will make Jesus a happier camper if we gave up all these things instead of rolling in ashes and fasting.
So long my friends,


  1. Great wisdom in your post!

  2. Very good things to give up, not just for for a season, but for life. If only we all could it would be a close to perfect world!

  3. They are all faults we should turn away from permanently, but of course being human we need to go over it yearly :)

  4. I gave up Facebook for Lent and I think I hit all of your suggestions...

  5. Lovely thoughts! I think I need to print out that list. We all need to live by that daily!

  6. Well said. Also means I can eat chocolate again! Though I think giving up worrying will be harder for me.

  7. These are lovely ideas. I am giving up pop because I really want to stop drinking it. But, I think I will giving up a few other things now too.

  8. Toutes des bonnes idee bon après-midi Marie-Claire

  9. I am fasting from chocolate and meat for all of Lent. This is definitely a struggle. I find it is helping me develop patience, will power and humility.

  10. What a wonderful list to focus on! I'm trying many of those myself :)

  11. I agree with you 100%! :)

    Blessings to you always

  12. This is such a GREAT POST!!!! Thank you for sharing - I am bookmarking this to start each morning with a quick read. Must share with my children

  13. Words to live by! Thanks for sharing.

  14. You are a kind heart in a world of greed. I wish I might be so nice. I thought we could all give up incredibly handsome toy boys for Lent, or spending too much money on manicures, or maybe watching foreign films at the cinema. Too easy. Instead I will (not shall) take one thing from your list and really work at it. I will not be discouraged but will live with optimism and hope.

  15. Great list! I'll give up gloom - tough this time of year but I'll give it a shot.

    I hope you might consider joining my bloggers' book club. Details are here:

  16. Hi Evalina, I remember ash Wed. I used to be married to a Roman Catholic. Didn't hurt the children any to reflect on these things. I wonder, now that their father is gone and they are all grown up, if they still go to church. I don't know because at the moment they live 300 miles away in his town settling his affairs. I must ask them. Curiosity is also a mom thing, not just a cat thing. :) Hope your weekend is a lovely one. :)


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