Friday, April 25, 2014

A to Z challenge - Viking Trail

That's the place I want to visit this September also - the Viking Trail in Newfoundland. Oh, I wish I could have more time for travel...

So long my friends,

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  1. There's so much to see and do in NL! I live just outside of St.John's so if you need any tips just let me know :)

    I did some at home sight seeing a few years back and did the Viking Trail. Loved every second :) I'd say L'anse aux Meadows was by and large my favourite thing up that ways. Also there's an excellent restaurant in/near the Lighthouse in St.Anthony as well. Awesome seafood. Plus there are tones of fishing villages. MY FAVOURITE tourist desination in NL though was the Discovery Trail is also a beautiful drive with LOTS of things to see. Trinity/Bonavista are major highlights of this route AND the town of Elliston has an amazing Puffin Colony too, not sure if they'd be there in September however.


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