Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Longest Day of the Year

I absolutely love the north and our long summer days. Last night I went right around midnight to take some pictures. To tell you the truth I did not go willingly, my mother-in-law made me do it... It is her first summer in the Yukon and she is amazed with northern beauty. Mom has Alzheimer Disease and tries to capture every moment on the picture so she can enjoy these later on when her memory will start to disappear.  So far she is doing extremely well and fights that disease with all her power.

Our sun after sunset stays just below horizon until rises again in a couple of hours:

And really, believe me, it is bright - you can read outside without extra light.

On the stitchy note - I received a beautiful chart from Bianca, our RAK member
It's a lovely companion to Computer Catastrophes. I had no choice to pull out my CC and work on them. This is where I left off some time ago:

and today:

For some unknown reason I was very anxious to start something new... In my stash I found a lovely chart by La-D-Da:

If you guess correctly name of this chart, the chart could be yours. Are you up for the challenge?

And finally my Mind Independent and Free. It's going slowly, kind of boring - working for now just with black silk. The second row of alphabet is completed!. Did you noticed that J is missing? I did not make a mistake, this is how it's charted...

So long my friends,


  1. You are the sunshine of my live? :)

  2. Beautiful photos, it must be so lovely to have the lightness all day.
    All the best for your Mother , I lost my dad a few years ago to the same illness , enjoy every moment with your mother.
    Your stitching looks great , have a fun week .

  3. What beautiful solstice pictures! I loved this time of year when I lived in Norway. Also beautiful progress on computer catastrophes, what a fun and colorful design :)

  4. Beautiful photos and lovely stitching..
    Ours us the shortest day :)
    Hugs x

  5. Always enjoy the beautiful photos you share with us. :) So glad your MIL is sharing time with you both.

  6. Wonderful pictures of your longest day of the year, so different from here.
    Great progress on your WIPs and very nice new start.

  7. It was so nice to get a post from you Evalina. I love your new HAED. Wonderful progress on the other projects. Lovely pictures.


  8. It's very beautiful. Love your new stitchy starts, too.

  9. Gorgeous skies in your photos. It's a great idea to have a photo record, the brain does remember things for much longer when we have a visual prompt.

    I love your new dragon chart too.

    I did know that J is often missing from older charts, I and J were often interchangeable. It makes it difficult for me to signs things as my initials become IMP :-)

  10. Wonderful stitching and how nice to get a RAK!

  11. Amazing pictures!!! All the best with your MIL, I think she's doing the right thing of taking pictures to juggle her memory. This is a very good idea. Lovely new start & progress. No idea which one it is from La D Da but it will be superb, I'm sure :)

  12. Merci de partager les belles foto's des belles avancés des broderies Marie-Claire


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