Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Who will win the 2014 World Cup?

Two more games and we will have a winner. Who that will be? My heart was going for Brazil but after yesterday I'm not so sure any more. Even Jesus in Rio is upset... for more pics check this site.

3rd Place Final Brazil July 12 (4pm) in Brasilia on ESPN Netherlands
Final Germany July 13 (8pm) in Rio De Janeiro on ABC Argentina

 The good thing about these games is that My Sunshine is almost finish:

It looks like I'll be doing my happy dance this Sunday. And if Argentina wins the Cup I will dance with them. Go Argentina Go!

So long my friends,


  1. Lovely stitching Evalina. So close to a finish.


  2. I haven't watched any of the cup... but maybe I should have and done some stitching! Your piece is so lovely.

  3. My cousin's husband and son are in Brasil watching the World Cup and as he is Brasilian, you can imagine how he feels! Love your current stitch - the font and the colors.

  4. I don't follow soccer, but if you're for Argentina, so am I. I wonder who the Pope is rooting for.

  5. Wow looking forward to your HD on My Sunshine!!

  6. La broderie est magnifique bravo je pense que l'Allemagne va gagner bonne broderie Marie-Claire

  7. J'adore cette musuque elle est magnifique merci de partage avec nous bonne journée Marie-Claire

  8. Lovely little design Evelina. I wonder what you will get done when the final is played this weekend?


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