Thursday, May 26, 2016

Color of Kindness

What color is kindness? Since I'm in the kindness challenge I decided to stitch Honest Kind and Good. The model is done in black on white

Last year during our Super Duper Challenge I started this project on a lovely 36ct Smoky White linen with Antique Black silk.

And I'm not impressed with the result at all! I would like to change colors just have no idea what to choose... It's all about kindness... What do you think? What color is kindness?

So long my friends,


  1. I think of kindness as being both gentle and strong. I would stitch this in a coral.

  2. What a pretty design... And I love your post today too! What is the colour of kindness? For me is a happy colour so unfortunately not black! But that's my opinion! I see what the design is in black, maybe it's to be seen as a silloette? I think I would just put a spread of colour in front of me and choose the one or ones that smile to me! But I am rather odd! Ha ha
    Go with what you feel is right... I am sure it will look wonderful 😊
    Smiles xx

  3. I see it as being a gentle, warm shade of pink or a beautiful, but slightly subdued shade of blue.
    Barbara, blogging at Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  4. Hmm - that's a tricky one and as this design seems to pay homage to the past and "blackwork" changing the colour might completely change its purpose? Leaving that to one side - my colour of happiness would be something bright like a yellow or light orange :)
    Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

  5. Noir est aussi beau mais vous pouvez prendre la couleur que vous aimez bien .Essayez un petit motif sur un restant de tissue les couleurs que vous aimez,ça donne plus quand on voie d'autre couleurs que le noir allors vous pouvez choisir ce que vous aimez .bonne journée Marie-Claire

  6. I agree that kindness is not black. I like the idea of pink or blue. Or even a dark blue so you keep the silhouette..

  7. The color that popped to mind ws blue.....a beautiful, soothing shade of blue.

  8. Evalina - Thanks to you for the pattern, I was going to do the black as a memorial to my Husband, but changed it to a deep, midnight blue so as not to lose the silhouette appearance. Kindness to me would be a soft color...warm...golden rusty coral but not too dark.... shows you have perplexing selecting colors can be...
    Have a great weekend, dear one...

  9. Maybe kindness is golden. I look forward to what you choose - all the suggestions sound lovely to me.

  10. A variegated would be cool. I like the black though

  11. I think a variegated with lots of color changes would be beautiful.

  12. For me kindness is a rainbow of colours! Sorry I'm no help, but this is a very thought provoking and lovely post.
    xo Alicia


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