Monday, July 18, 2016

I have survived Jane Austen festival and my birthday. Both occasions were a lot of fun and all went well. There was time when I celebrated my birthday much longer (twelve days to be exact) but now with my mother-in-law around I'd lost desire to do long celebrations. It looks like only stitching helps me to stay sane and, oh gosh, sometimes I feel so ready just to spread my wings and fly somewhere far away from my current situation. When I was younger I had so many dreams - some of them came true but so many did not...but, after all, I do not feel that all is lost. I strongly believe that I can still dream and, who knows, some of my dreams maybe will come true.

I was faithfully working exclusively on Honest, Kind and Good. Here is the progress:

So long my friends,


  1. Evalina, you are just a bit down for a short while. Life will improve, but it may take a small miracle and a lot of time!!!
    Remember that you have achieved far more in your life than many other people. You have lived in several interesting places. You are very kind. You stitch like an angel. You are lovable.
    Of course we all had hopes and dreams that faded from the realm of possibility. Without those dreams we would not become the people we are today. As we age the memories and regrets do come rather thick and fast, but this is normal. Coping with the memories is the basis of true wisdom.
    Yes, living with an aged relative who has health problems is really hard. Call in some help from the community. Do it for yourself and do it for her and do it for your partner.
    Thank you for sharing your feelings. Now I do not feel alone either.

  2. Such beautiful stitching! I saw a sign the other day that read something like, "we're never to old to dream" .......keep dreaming, who know where it will lead

  3. Happy Birthday Evalina and great progress.


  4. All the best to your birthday! Your stitching looks stunning.
    Keep on dreaming.

  5. very pretty! I love the constrained colour palette

  6. Great work on your lovely cross stitch project!

  7. Do not despair, Evalina. You are doing a great thing. It's like planning to take a vacation in Italy, and stepping off the plane in Greece, instead. Enjoy.

  8. I love your Honest, Kind and Good piece. It is gorgeous Evalina!


  9. I'm glad your Birthday and the Festival went well. Sorry you sound a little down now but Louise says it very well.
    Your stitching is beautiful and a real source of pleasure for yourself and your followers!

  10. I'm glad things went well. Happy birthday! Lovely progress as well :)

  11. Ooooooo c'est super beau Marie-Claire


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