Super Duper Crazy Challenge 2015

February 25, 2015

The Super Duper Challenge is accomplished! I have all 59 starts started, now just to keep stitching them and try to finish as many as I can (well, I committed myself to a minimum of fifteen).. Here is the rest of the list:

47. Santa # 3

48. Santa #4

49. Santa #5

50. Santa #6

51. My treasure box (my own design)
and the finished box

52. Santa #7

53. Santa #8

54. Santa #9

55. Santa #10

56. Santa #11

57. and finally Santa #12

58. Asian Orchids

59. Autumn Glory bell pull

Now wish me luck with many, many finishes!

February 16, 2015

Days are going by so quickly during this challenge. I have more starts to show you

32.  August

33. July

34. Santa #1

35. Ocean Treasure

36. Woodland Santa #1

37. Love

38. Joy

39. Rejoice

40.  Give
 41. Peace
 42. Believe
 43. Noel
44. Rocky Mountain Christmas

45. Santa # 2
46. I love me (a little start and finish)

So there it is all 46 of 59, 13 more to go...

So long my friends,

February 2, 2015

It was a crazy stitchy weekend As I tried to catch up all missing days. I did 12 starts this weekend, here they are:

20. The Globetrotter. I did not do as much as I would like because I've miscalculated and started a little to low, then I had to frog a little and start all over.


21. Garden Geese
22. Irish Blessing

23. June

24. Love

25. Stocking of Love

26. Christmas Blessing

27. Owl ornie

28. Christ
29. The Stitching Parlor

30. Yukon

31. Birds of a feather

Now I'm just 2 behind, yesterday's start and today's.

So long my friends,

January 29, 2015

OK Linda I'm back on the wagon and I will catch up missing days. There is only 10 or eleven that I have enjoyed as cured from startitis. To tell you the truth I am cured and I'm doing this only because I'm in a such great company of crazy stitchers. I can't promise any pics today but they will come soon.

So long friends,

 Another year another challenge. This time it is a Super Duper one in Debbie's memory. If you would like to know more about Debbie click here.

Would you like to know what the Super Duper stands for? Linda has explained that here.

Here are my new starts. Hopefully later in the year I can show you some finishes.

  1. Nuts Gather Here by x stitch designs by Lisa - started
  2. Strawberry Pirate Alicia - started
  3.  Give me the cookie by My Big Toe - started
  4. Believe by The Victoria Sampler - started
  5. The bookshelf by Little House Needleworks
  6.  Quaker Christmas Samplers
  7. Burnt to perfection
  8.  Today is a good day for a good day
  9.  "B" Is For Bunny by The Sweetheart Tree
  10. True Love
  11. Casting a Spell by Blackbird Design
  12. January ornament by PS

  13.  Weekend in Paris
  14. Honest Kind and Good
  15. Paddy's Luck
  16.  Ann Kirby

  17.  African Woman
  18.  Portrait of Christ by Janlynn
STOP!!! I really must stop that insanity. I think I'm cured from startitis, the very common stitcher disease (uncontrolled starts of new projects). I love every piece I have started this year and is getting harder and harder to put them away. So as of today I'm quitting the super duper challenge and I hope that my 2015 finishes page will start to grow.

So long my friends,


  1. Great list Evalina. I have 19 and 20.


  2. I've recently "inherited" a ton of CS UFO's from two sources and I want to start out with a small project like an ornament for Christmas. Maybe I can finish one every month or every other month. I do have one long term project that I'm working on that is Joan Elliott's Celtic Wheel that will probably take me a year to do. Can I still play along?

    Tricia in Cold Mid-Michigan


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