Sunday, July 19, 2009

On the third day of my birthday...

I finished my homework for the hardanger class:

I made "peace" with my man. Can you believe, the only thing he really wanted is the kitchen! About three weeks ago I reorganized it a little and that made him angry. He didn't say any thing and for three weeks we were in a cold war. Finally (after pulling his tongue out) he admitted what bothered him and all I had to do is to allow him to be the king of the kitchen... I love to cook but what the heck, he can have it! I still have to do the dishes though...

And I started to stitch one of my birthday gifts (received from Lisa), Life is a journey. This is how it will look when is finished.


  1. Your hardanger is lovely! Good thing you found out what was wrong.....I'd let him have it too! I don't need to be queen of the kitchen. Have fun with you many new projects.

  2. He cooks the yummies while you stitch the yummies.... sounds good to me, lol.

  3. I'd much rather let him be head dude in the kitchen - works for me! Your hardanger looks great and your new WIP is so cute!

  4. You're hardanger is beautiful.....wish my man would enjoy being in the kitchen!


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