Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More of the Guardian Angel!

Just a quick hello and a progress picture

I'm done half of the first page!

It is so cold in the Yukon, temperatures way below normals for this time of the year. Definitely the global warming is not affecting the north. Normally our lakes are frozen to mid-May but this year I think I will go ice fishing on my birthday in July! It's so depressing, thank goodness days are getting longer (about 6 minutes every day, can you imagine?!?) Soon I will be stitching in the midnight sun again (wearing parka)!

So long friends,


  1. Oh, you have made progress! So sorry to hear about the weather -- hopefully, you'll be able to go out before July and see water!

  2. Your progress is fantastic.

    How on earth do you get any sleep when it is sunny for 24 hours?

  3. Very nice progress!!! Well lots of sun and cold weather means you can stay inside with good lighting and stitch longer and get this one done this year! :-)

  4. You're going along really nicely Evalina. That's super progress and it looks great.


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