Saturday, March 19, 2011

Stitchy Saturday

It was a lovely day north of 60, quite cold but very sunny. And I did absolutely NOTHING, just studying a little (still these accounting courses!) and stitching a lot. I did quite a bit on my Guardian Angel

and I have a brand new start, "E" Is for Egg from The Sweetheart Tree. I'm trying to put myself in Ester/spring mood and this piece is perfect!

and here is my progress (I'm blaming my camera for not showing true colors, the fabric is summer khaki and floss: DMC ecru).

Heaven and Earth had another sale and I just couldn't resist... I bought another chart... Woodland Guardian, now I just need some floss (have the fabric) and a lot of time...

So long friends,


  1. Your making wonderful project on your guardian angel.

    I wish it was sunny here. Pouring down rain and 60+ mph winds all day yesterday, last night and this morning. Ugh!

    Your new HAED is beautiful. Weird how the camera can mess up the colors so much. I have that happen all of the time.

  2. Really pretty egg chart and will look forward to seeing progress which Angel are you doing?

    Mary Louise

  3. That's a gorgeous chart you bought. If only we could make some extra time to stitch!
    Fantastic progress on Guardian, and lovely new wip

  4. Needing a lot of time is an understatement! LOL My son wants me to do a Mystic that is sorta b/w like your angel picture, I may have to come to you for support to get me through the grays!!! The egg is cute. I just finished D is for Dog into a cube for a friend. She did the stitching! Hopefully you are seeing signs of spring. We got a tease for a few days and are now 20 degrees below normal for the next week!

  5. Your egg project is very pretty. Nice work on your WIP. How's your classes going? Two more to go for me, after the current one. Yay! :)

  6. That's excellent progress on Guardian Angel Evalina. And your new HAED is beautiful. Your egg looks like a lovely pattern as well. Great choices.

  7. Nice progress on GA - new HAED is so pretty! And lovely new start!


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