Monday, June 13, 2011

And the winner is...

Emily in NC

Congratulations Emily!!!


My week was very quiet. Absolutely nothing excited happen... just work, some contemplations and some stitching. I even didn't stitch much because my thumb still sore (I think I over used the joint at the base of the thumb near the wrist). It has been couple of weeks (or maybe more) since the pain started - I think it's time to see a doctor. I stitched Computer Catastrophes, here is the picture of the progress:

So long friends,


  1. Computer Catastrophe is looking good. Congrats to Emily. And I really hope your thumb will be better soon. Nothing worse for us stitchers then a sore finger or thumb isn't it?

  2. Wonderful progress & I'm so happy for Emily!!!!
    Chris B.

  3. Computer catastrophes is progressing well!
    Take care of your thumb, hope it won't hurt anymore

  4. I hope your thumb will be better soon *big hug*
    Great work on Computer Catastrophes, coming out nicely!
    And congrats to Emily :)

  5. Evalina, the pain in your thumb sounds very similar to the tendonitis I suffer in my thumb. I have de Quervain syndrome. I send you a link so you can read up on it and mention it to your doctor.

    Your stitching is pretty!

  6. congrats to Emily.
    I hope your thumb is better soon!

  7. Congratulations to Emily:-) I have no doubt she'll be thrilled to hear she's the winner!!

    Oh dear, so sorry to hear that your thumb is still so painful, it certainly is a good idea to go see the doctor about it.

    You really are moving along well on your latest project, sore thumb and all:-) xoxo

  8. I see the magnet!! Great job, sorry to hear your thumb is bothering you!

  9. oooo great progress on catastrophes :)sorry to hear your thumb is no better Dr's it is then :) and congrats to Emily too :) love mouse xxx

  10. Great progress on Catastrophes.
    Hope your thumb feels better soon!

  11. Rest your thumb - you will put it to good use once it recovers.
    Rita E in AZ

  12. Good progress Evalina - it's looking great. How do you like stitching from a bottom corner up?


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