Monday, June 6, 2011

New start!

Finally lakes aren't frozen anymore!

Swallows are back to their houses

Seagulls are making nests

Crocuses are replaced by other little smiling flowers

Life is good!

Last Friday I bought new file cabinet. It's small, wooden and looks good in my study/craft room. It came in pieces with numbers... with no help from my man (he stays away from screwdrivers like a devil from holly water) I was on my own to put that thing together.  I think I did a darn good job!

Drawers are sliding smoothly and even lock is working!

You can call me crazy but I've started another piece from Heaven and Earth Designs, Computer Catastrophes. Size in stitches: 450 x 448 (total of 201,600). This time I will be working on 18ct aida with 2 threads of DMC. When done it will be 25" by 25". This is a tribute to my latest laptop that died unexpectedly. And, lucky me, I'm stitching it as a SAL (stitch along) with Cindy and Bea. I'm very happy to be in such great company!

This is how it will look when done:

By Saturday night all my floss was winded on bobbins (couldn't have done it without that little gizmo on the side of the box). I like to keep floss for the project organized by the number. Multiple skeins of floss I'm keeping in the ziploc bag.

I've also enlarged my working chart. And this is what I have done yesterday:

This time I started in the left bottom corner for a change and so far I like it. My thumb is still giving me a little trouble but I will try to stitch a little every day this week.  Next week I will be back to my Guardian Angel.

I wish everyone a great week!

Until next time,


  1. Awesome job on the new filing cabinet, Evalina!

    Love the photo of the lake. Very pretty.

    Yes, you are crazy -- lol. Good luck with your HAED.

    (who blogger still won't let comment normally)

  2. Aw I love your pictures, when everything is thawed out it looks really pretty!

    and yes you are crazy, but I think most stitchers are :D

  3. I simply love the dragon & the entire project, but I'm not as daring as you, Cindy & other stitcher all your the start on this one. Glad nicer weather is in your area as is in ours so I'm in the garden & flowers more (U.S.A) by Lake Michigan (Wisconsin). Can be cool one day & hot the next....gotta love the lake.

  4. Evalina, you have been busy for sure! New cabinet looks fantastic (yes, you did do a good job!) The new start is adorable and you've made good progress already. And it looks beautiful in your area - gotta love spring/summer!

  5. nothing like stitching a HAED on adia just because it fills in nicely and is far easier to count. Good luck with the Catastrophe, and your new cabinet looks great too.
    Be always in stitches

  6. I'm very impressed by the filing cabinet, better than I could have done.
    And I love your new chart, it's just gorgeous. I'm working on a Spanglar, and I absolutely love it!

  7. Красивые фотографии природы.Замечательный комод,ты молодец!
    Прекрасное начало нового процесса.

  8. It's looking lovely! I love Spangler's stuff. It's so colorful and lovely. Can't wait to see more of it!

  9. The lake is beautiful! Congrats on putting that cabinet together yourself, it looks great! Wow another HAED? Good luck with it I'm sure it'll look fabulous once done and I look forward to seeing your progress w/ it!

  10. Looking good Evalina. Love your file cabinet! I like to put things together like that! And your outside photos are gorgeous too. Love the scenery! The lake looks beautiful!

  11. awesome new start love it

  12. oooo well done you on sorting out that cabinet :) love your start on the HAED ... I am almost ready to do mine ...Afternoon Tea .. all Cindy's fault too love your photos too :) love mouse xxxx

  13. Another HAED!! Wow, that is commitment!! Althought this one is too cute and I love the meaning behind your stitching it.

    Spring is finally coming your way I see. Hope your thumb is feeling better soon. I know what pain you are going through as I have a form of tendonitis in both of my thumbs.


    (Blogger doesn't like me right now)

  14. Crazy! And what a beautiful job on putting your cabinet together. Love your photos!
    LiBBiE in Oz

  15. Your new project looks great. It's a great design and you made already a good start on it. I will cheer you on from the side line :)
    Great new cabinet and love your nature pics. Looks all great

  16. Looking good Evalina. I like to start lower left most of the time but this time I started top left. The blues in the curtain are really pretty.
    I will be posting my progess in 2 weeks when I switch over to Afternoon Tea.

  17. Your cabinet looks great, you did a great job. Your picture is very nice and you have made a great start on it.


  18. The file cabinet looks great, you've done a great job!
    The Spangler chart is fantastic, will look forward to seeing your stitching!

  19. Oohh ... that's a great project!! You and Bea will have to bring your progress along with you ... or will you be done by September???
    Hugs - Janice

  20. Glad spring has come to your corner of the world! File cabinet looks great. You go girl! Your start looks great.

  21. you have been busy! Nice file cabinet!

  22. Great start Evalina. I know I'm starting from the top left, so we'll be able to watch our pictures grow from opposite directions.

    Isn't spring lovely? And so nice of it to show up before it's officially summer. LOL

  23. Great start on Computer Catastrophes :) Amazing design!
    I'm sad to hear that your laptop died, is there a way to reanimate him?

  24. Your photos look so "clean" and clear. Good luck with another HAED. You are filling your plate with some BAP's for sure! You did a great job with the cabinet, I just had to put together a bench with 2 openings for the end of the bed and it took me forever!

  25. Really nice photo's and your HAED is going to be great!

    Mary Louise in IN

  26. awesome job on the cabinet.
    Your floss looks great like that, someday (but who knows when) I'll have a systeem like that too :)
    Love the new HEAD, you've made a great start on it.

  27. Yeahhhhhh for unthawed lakes!! lol Sometimes Spring takes its time in arriving and I'm so glad to hear that it's arrived in the Yukon:-)

    Good for you for putting that filing cabinet together! I usually put together bookcases and desks but I've never tried putting together a filing cabinet. I think I'd have problems with the drawer brackets!!

    Your latest stitching project is so adorable. I always admire anyone who can stitch although my fingers hurt just at the thought of all those little stitches! lol

    Hope you're having a great weekend my friend. xoxo

  28. What lovely outdoor photos. You did a great job on your cabinet, and you're even braver than doing carpentry work, starting the HAED! Good start, though - I look forward to watching your progress.

  29. What lovely photos. Just looking at them made me happy, too.
    I love the HAED piece - it is such a whimsical look at a tragic situation. You do have a good sense of humour, my dear girl!

    Just back from a wonderful romantic getaway with DH. We went into Toronto to watch some baseball and just chill. We used some of my frequent flyer miles and flew Executive Class and a Fairmont Hotels gift card that he got as an award at his work and stayed at the Royal York Hotel. SO spoiled..... Only checked work emails once between the time I left here on Friday at 8 AM and the time I got back to Lester B Pearson airport this morning at 9 AM. I was quite proud of myself!

    Took some stitching with me and forgot my Clover cutter, so no stitching got done on the plane. I want to do a flat fold mad eof two of the Victoria's Sampler international heats - China on one side and Canada on the other. I want to take it to the owner of the cross stitch shop that I visit in China. Might not get it done in time for this upcoming trip, but hopefully, I will have it for August.


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