Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I did not forget about an update! I was busy creating my Wish list (see left sidebar) and, I think, I'm happy with this one. I belong to swaps groups and birthday club and I love to shop for others from their wish list. It makes so much sense, it's easy, and, in my opinion, makes recipients happier. So, finally, I have one too!

I was stitching a little this weekend...

My chickens are almost done, I just have to finish all the backstitches and I can go back to my Birds of the Feather.

And this is an aerial picture of the place where I live. On the bottom of the picture, right by the point is a tiny curved line - those are the "sticks" in the water on the picture with the blog title. And you can see the roof of my cabin (there is a few of the roof tops on the point) and the docs, and the road that takes me to Alaska Highway (left top corner). Just above my road you can see a pond called Bob's Lake, that's where my mailbox is and that's where all the goodies from you and from my online stores arrive. It is a lovely walk from my cabin to the mailboxes. In June the whole place is covered with wild roses and aroma from them feels up my lungs with every breath. It would be heavenly except... with every deep breath I can easily feel up my nose with tiny black flies and other bugs... so I take walks and deep breaths only on windy days (no bugs!)

So long my friends,


  1. Your chickens look great!!! Love the aerial view too, you live in such a lovely place....but I'm sure a little less winter would be appreciated! Glad you finally got a wishlist going. I find it hard to do too, but love looking at others!!!

  2. Love that aerial shot. Awesome. And I like that wishlist site. I have to explore it a bit more. Though I do have a big one on webshots. :)

    Your stitching is looking great too.

  3. Wow, what an awesome aerial shot. If the winters weren't so brutal, I'd move there!

    Your chickens look really good. You'll be done in no time!

  4. Chicken is sooo close!

    Awh... I wanna come visit you! Lousy body not cooperating.
    Soon... soon I will come visit you. Or if not soon at least one day!
    Lovely pic.

  5. Chickens look great - awesome pic!

  6. Wow, what a shot of your location. I think I could do without the Black-flies but the scenery is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.
    Be always in stitches.

  7. The aerial shot is great Evalina!

    You've made great progress on the chickens, love the colors.

  8. Your stitching is great!
    Thank you for sharing the photo!

  9. Wow,What beautiful landscape. I'd love to life in a place like that.

  10. Hi Evalina,

    Wow, what a gorgeous place you now call home - fantastic photo! It's been awhile since I've dropped by so I wanted to say hello! Love the photo of Zoomzoom in the place of honor as well (smile). I'm hosting some giveaways all month at Create With Joy, so stop by when you have a moment - I'd be delighted to include you in the drawings!


  11. Looks like you live in amongst some lovely scenery.
    Your towel is looking good.


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