Saturday, May 1, 2010

The life is pink again!

Specially on a pink Saturday. Here are my 3 little contributions to a pink world:

 I have a few gifts to send and I decided that from now on I will not use wrapping paper, instead I will wrap gifts in a pretty fabric and use my pink ribbon

My new reading glasses, I absolutely fell in love with their cover... so pink and sparkle!

And my cute little purses. I didn't use them yet (I do not have the right outfit, looks like I have to buy some more clothes), but I love just to at them.

If you see other pink ideas visit Miss Beverly

Have a very happy weekend!


  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I like to celebrate the whole month. :-) It started many years ago... I am an only child and thought if I did the whole month my parents could feel like they had lots of kids. :-) Enjoy your weekend and Happy Pink Saturday!

  2. Happy Pink Saturday. Love all your pinks

  3. I love the pink glasses case too! I don't think I would be able to resist those if I saw them!

  4. So very pink! My mom is a pink-lover too!

  5. Ohh... Love all the pink stuff.


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