Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Victoria Day Canada!!!

Unofficial first day of summer! In the Yukon all lakes are free of ice, all poplars are green and ditches are yellow. Soon wild roses will be in the full bloom and fireweed right after. I love this time of the year. 

What do people do on Victoria Day?
In some cities, fireworks displays or parades are held to mark Victoria Day. One of the most notable parades is held in the city of Victoria, British Columbia, which was named after Queen Victoria. Many people gather in parks to enjoy fireworks displays, which are particularly impressive in Hamilton and Toronto.
For many people, the long Victoria Day weekend marks the end of the winter and the unofficial start of the spring or summer season.  After this weekend, gardeners can be reasonably sure that there will be no more frost until the autumn so they can sow or plant out delicate crops and plants.  For the same reason, people with recreational homes in colder parts of the country often go to them to open them up for the summer. In addition, many amusement parks and outdoor attractions open for their summer season this weekend. Notably, stores on Prince Edward Island are only permitted to open on Sunday between Victoria Day and Christmas Day.

What do I do on Victoria Day this year?
  • Stitch and stitch some more almost all day long
  • Read
  • Go for a very long walk
  • Have a glass of wine and watch season finale of 24, two hours special!

Queen Victoria was born on May 24, 1819. Following the death of three uncles and her father, she became Queen of the United Kingdom on June 20, 1837 and reigned until her death on January 22, 1901. Victoria is still the longest-reigning monarch of the United Kingdom. During Victoria's life, the British Empire expanded considerably. However, her powers as Queen of the United Kingdom were reduced as the House of Commons became more important and powerful in British politics.
The monarch's birthday has been celebrated in Canada since before the beginning of Queen Victoria's reign. After her death, in 1901, May 25 became known as Empire Day. The sovereign's official birthday was still celebrated, often on the King's or Queen's actual birthday. In 1952, Empire Day was moved to the Monday before May 25 and since 1953, the official birthday of Queen Elizabeth II has been celebrated on this date in Canada. In 1958, Empire Day became known as Commonwealth Day, which was moved to the second Monday in March. The Monday before May 25 then became known as Victoria Day, which is a Canadian statutory holiday.


  1. Sounds like you had a perfect day off from work. :)

  2. Sounds like a great day! Was it just me or were you disappointed in the ending for 24, too?

  3. Sounds like an enjoyable day off, and a nice long weekend :)

  4. I have to mention the winter we will watch the whole season in one weekend. That's when I sometimes get a whole page done on one of my Mystics!!

  5. Being in the US I really had no clue what the day was all about...thanks for the enjoyable lesson!



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