Tuesday, May 24, 2011

After a long weekend...

but really, my log weekend isn't over yet! Today I decided to take an extra day off to sort out zillion of thoughts that are bothering my mind lately... To my sadness I discovered that accounting is the most boring profession out there. There is no imagination, no magic, no fun - just debits and credits and balancing accounts and risk assessments and some ratios and taxes... BORING!!! And what should I do? I'm half way to my designation as a professional accountant. For now to keep my sanity I think I will pay more attention to my Mary Kay business. I use their cosmetics for  over 17 years and love it and because I'm cheap I like to keep windows of opportunity open I'm also Mary Kay consultant for same 17 years (and as a consultant I can buy product at 50% discount).  Because of that generous discount I've tried every single product they have and absolutely loved it. Even Freddy is using their stuff (just man's line - he does not wear lipsticks or mascaras!)

So, as you see, I have a big nut to chew on it. On the bright site - I just bought a new pair of shoes!

a pair of new shoes always makes me feel better!!!

And I finished the Cattitude! I stitched it on 28 ct lugana (something with sunshine in the colour name) and the Gentle Art threads. There is a small mistake but I decided not to frogg it, it's hardly noticeble.

My latest Cross Stitch Collection magazine came with a giant Royal Wedding chart. 

I know I will not stitch it ever. If you would like to have it - it could be yours. Just leave a comment under this message and make sure I have your email address. If there will be more than one person wanting this chart I will make a draw on Sunday, May 29th.

So long friends,


  1. I'm with you on the accounting. I've been in the field for 25 years in some aspect or another. I've always said that if it weren't for the clients/customers I wouldn't have lasted. Crafts and photography (artistic stuff) is what keeps my sanity. When I was little, I wanted to be an artist. In a way, I guess I am. So, are you giving up your classes?

  2. P.S. Cattitude is really cute. Congrats on your finish.

  3. Well you just sent a cold chill through my heart - I guess I dodged a bullet by not switching careers a couple of years ago. The shoes are fantastic; I'm wildly jealous of you. Nice finish, too.

  4. Love those shoes. And of course your finish. Congrats on that one. Wishing you good luck in making your decision on your classes.

  5. Great shoes, shopping clothes and shoes is therapy. Cattitude is cute.

  6. I almost went into accounting, but at the last minute changed my mind and went with another major when I was in university. Thank Goodness! I don't think I would have lasted.

    Absolutely LOVE Cattitude! Definitely being added to my wishlist. :)

  7. Hey Evalina,
    First all of i love you blog very nice and zoom zoom looks like our cat named Ozziebella.I would love to have this sampler.this would be a great b`day gift.It is the day before the drawing.thanks.

  8. Evalina, You've got the after tax season blues for sure!! The rush is over, well mostly, and now it's that reality of long quiet days....and I'm with you 100% It's the clients that keep things bright and fun. Still, you've come so far with your studies, I sincerely hope that you will continue. Cattitude is beautiful, love the colors.

    and great shoes by the way!!

  9. Love the shoes! Hard decision on the professional work side, I love figures, as a book keeper (the manual old fashion way) I like seeing columns of numbers that balance! These day I have a computer that does all the tax side, and nearly everything else to go with account, but still it is only as good as the person imputing the info. In other words "my boys" (the boss, etc) are not allowed to touch the computer that often.

    Cattitude is divine, who is the designer?

    The royal wedding chart is huge! I have a lovely one I purchased from France, which is a nice simple sampler type. But I'd happy add it to the stash!
    LiBBiE in Oz

  10. Love the shoes and your finish. Are you going to give up on being an accountant?


  11. Wow, that's a big decision to make. I don't know what your answer is gonna be, but I hope you give it a lot of thought, and find something you can live with!!! Will say a prayer for you for clarity! Love the shoes you bought. Retail therapy is great! I love, love, LOVE Cattitude. Who designed it, as I may have to get one for myself!!

  12. Love Cattitude - AND the shoes. I'm a numbers person, so I'd probably enjoy accounting if I weren't a software developer instead. I just finished a good-sized CCS and I'd be interested in lining up my next one. The Wedding one looks nice from the picture. - KIM

  13. The Catitude is adorable, Evalina. Great finish! I also love the shoes, but I had to give up on heels many years ago. Good for you! Please don't enter me in the drawing, though, because I know I would never stitch it either. Someone will love stitching it though!

    I'm so sorry you've found your studies to be boring. It's a big decision, but you know yourself well enought that you know you don't like it, so go with your heart!!

  14. I love Mary Kay as well but I don't generally wear makeup. I had a palette of makeup I bought a couple of years ago that I would wear when I decided to feel pretty (aka take a break from the babies) but I can't find it since we moved. I don't know what happened to it. :(

  15. Love your finish Cattitude!
    Nice new shoes :)
    Sorry you're not enjoying your job :(

  16. So sorry your profession might not be what you want to do forever. Your Cattitude is cute!!! Don't enter me for the magazine, I would never stitch it either. Hope you find your niche in life! I have a friend who sells MK, so I get the same 50% off! A little disappointed that the concealer I get is less per tube and costs more!!

  17. A friend of mine, Denise, has been an accountant for over 25 years and like you, finds it extremely boring and can't wait to retire! lol

    Gosh, I haven't been to a Mary Kay Cosmetics party in over 20 years. I had bought their complete facial care kit and although I really liked it, I never did order more afterwards. I sold Avon for a few years so was more into their stuff:-)

    Love your new shoes and you're right, buying new shoes always lifts the spirits:-) I just bought two pairs of everyday sandals and they're so comfy.

    You did a really great job with your Cattitude project, it's adorable. Since I don't know anything about how to stitch, I wouldn't even notice any mistakes! lol xoxo

  18. I was just thinking about Mary Kay and you! In the change room at M's dance recital all of the girls went crazy over the MK travel cosmetic kit! I hope that you come to a decision you are happy with, and I know of all people you would be able to make accounting fun :)

  19. A new pair of shoes always helps and those are cool! Love the finish. Hope you can work things out about your job and good luck with the Mary Kay, too!

  20. Boy, you ladies have had a much different experience than me, if you find accounting boring. Well, let me rephrase that - ACCOUNTING CAN be boring, but BEING AN ACCOUNTANT has never been boring for me. :) But I am not in public accounting; I work in industry and have very much an operations focus. And that may have something to do with our different perspectives. I LOVE business and I love the challenges it brings for my profession. Over my 35 years in the profession, I have learned the ins and outs of all kinds of businesses, dealt with stock exchanges, mergers and acquisitions, divestitures and sadly, a couple of bankruptcies, too. I have hired and fired, created systems and implemented others. I have travelled all over the world. And I have been very well compensated, to boot. I am not sure what other profession a poor farm girl from the Maritimes might have chosen that would have offered so much.

    I say hang in there, Evalina. One of the other comments might have hit close to the truth - the "after-tax-season-blues". Finish your designation - you are so close. Then look for another job, perhaps. But don't give up when you are so close.


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