Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The oldest UFO

Stitchy stuff

Last day of the month and the oldest UFO day! To tell you the truth I did not work on my UFO at all this month... Socialsue posted her update and put me in shame. Quickly I picked my Sailboats and Seagulls and work on it for a little this morning. Here is the progress:

I know it is not much, but the medium sail is outlined, the little seagull appeared on the sky and the big sail has more shadow areas defined. No matter what you think, in my opinion every stitch counts and I'm a tiny bit closer to the finish.

If you have a UFO and would like join us in the fun - check this out or check the tab The Oldest UFO from the top of the blog.

While visiting Wanda I was working on Protective Care (PC) and the piece was so addictive that I could not put it down. I really wanted to get to the elephants so I stitched and stitched that boring background... Now it is done and ready for mama elephant. It doesn't look much but there are over 4,000 stitches (about 12% of the project). I started to stitch PC using q-snaps but because it is a large project I had a lot of fabric hanging over. I'd fold the excess fabric and secured it with cover but it wasn't the most comfortable way to stitch. I switched to scroll frame and I absolutely love it!

My Shoulder

The MRI results came and finally I know what's wrong with my shoulder. I have tendinosis, bursitis and mild acromioclavicular joint degenerative change. Visit with my doc was very challenging. He practically read straight from the report and for more info he advised me to search internet. If I'm still in pain his advise was to go the pharmacist and ask for the most appropriate over counter medication. Can you believe it?!?!?! Why did I bother to see a doctor?!?! My vet is more compassionate about Topaz than my doc about me... Anyhow, after searching the net I think the best cure for me is to loose weight and get fit before things get worse and I'll be a good candidate for a shoulder replacement. I also decided to take glucosamine supplement. In many places on the net they said that it doesn't work, that it's just a placebo. I can't agree with that. Topaz's vet prescribed glucosamine to Topaz and it really works for her. Dogs do not know that it should so placebo effect does not apply to them. So, the bottom line - if glucosamine is good for my dog it will be also good for me!. And since I'm talking about my puppy, her cone is off and her ear is completely healed. Her doc is an amazing guy!

So long my friends,


  1. A friend of mine takes glucosamine and she's had good results. Sorry to hear about your shoulder. My left shoulder bothers me (broke a bone in shoulder ten years ago) and if I stitch too much it bothers me. I do take OTC medication which helps. Good luck and feel better.

  2. Every stitch counts.
    Good luck with your shoulder.

  3. Progress is progress and congrats on getting that boring background done! It will be so much more exciting once you start getting into the next part! Sounds like you need to find a better Dr.!! I have elbow pain and bought some Glucosamine.....but I haven't been taking it!

  4. I can't believe your doctor!!! I had a doctor that thought I was a hypochondriac; she told me to go to an optometrist and get a stronger contact lens prescription when what was really wrong with me required an opthamologist and a retinal specialist! Basically she never believed me (and I only saw her about once every two years, so it's not like I was showing up at her office all the time). Get a new doctor!

    I hope the glucosamine helps...I think it helps my mom's knee. I hope you feel better soon.

    And thank goodness the boring background is out of the way, now for some fun, right??

  5. Hi Evalina you have done great on your UFO! I have blogged mine for the challenge.
    Hope you get some resolution soon for your shoulder xxx

  6. Thanks for the comment, we had a lovely time shopping! Any progress is progress right? :D Sorry to hear about your shoulder. I have a few clients who swear by glucosamine. your doctor sounds like mine, horrible bedside manner. My vet is more compassionate too! I think I'll go see him next time I need something hah!

  7. I am sorry to hear about your shoulder, but glad to see you are making such excellent progress on your UFO. I hope you can continue to stitch because I really like viewing your work :)

  8. Evalina, if you have joint degenerative disease then it means that the muscles around that area are too tight and are cause unnatural wear to the joint. You need to get a massage with particular area to the complete shoulder which includes the pecs and the subscapularis (muscle under the shoulder blade). The massage will also help the tendonosis and bursitis. The glucosamine may work somewhat but without getting those muscles loosened up, you are looking at surgery sometime. Your UFO is looking good and yet I can understand you wanting to work on PC. Looking forward to seeing more progress on that one too.

  9. The medical system really has deteriorated to the point where we have to advocate for ourselves so much of the time. However, I believe you're a good advocate, and all of the plans you have sound like the most effective way to self-treat. I've always thought that I'd rather go to a vet than a doctor ;-)

    I've often thought of investing in a scroll frame ... maybe I should treat myself to one for my birthday :-)

    Glad to hear that Topaz is doing so well!

    I've posted my UFO SAL update ... and thanks again for encouraging all of us to finish up those old projects!

    1. I like the sailboats. Some doctors are just horrible. Unfortunately these days you do have to be a huge advocate for yourself. I hope the glucosamine helps a bit.

  10. Happy UFO day! I remembered -- http://txem-firstday.blogspot.com/2012/01/understandably-unfinished-update.html -- and am quite proud of myself. Not for my progress, just for remembering.

    I can't wait to see those elephants come to life! Thanks for sharing.

  11. I am with you that every stitch counts. Your sailboats are coming along nicely.

    I hope you get some relief with your shoulder soon. Take care!

    I posted my update here - http://lorettasstitchingblog.blogspot.com/2012/02/crazy-january-challenge-2012-day-thirty.html

  12. Oh Evalina, I'm sorry the doctor was so rude and uncaring! I hope you feel better soon. Nice progress on your Oldest UFO. I haven't touched mine this month either!

  13. oooo thats a lot of stitching on the elephant one ... well done on working on your ufo and sheeesh that Dr wants sacking ..... sorry to hear your diagnosis but now you know and can do something to help and I think the glucosomine is good too ... and yeahh for topaz :) love mouse xxxxx

  14. WOW, you got so much done on the PC, Evalina. I can't wait to see the elephants. :D

    Your doctor is awful!!!! What a terrible, terrible thing to do to you. I hope you feel better soon with the glucosomine.

  15. Sticking with all that boring stitching can't have been fun, but now all the good stuff is coming. Good for you. And you're right, any stitches on your oldest UFO are progress.

    Your doctor sounds terrible. I think you need to find a new one.

  16. Well at least you know now that there isn't much the doctor can do for you. I have shoulder pain almost daily, except after have a chiro visit. A lady I work with swears by glucosamine (sp?) and says it helps her. It's worth a try!

    Nice work on your projects.

  17. Find another doctor if you can. There are some things you can do for bursitis, etc. My mom had a problem with it 30 years ago and they gave her cortisone shots that completely took care of it. And you know they've had some more medical advancements and insight in 30 years. I definitely believe in Glucosamine Chondroitin, too. I've taken it with MSM (Triflex - GNC) and do recommend either.
    Your stitching progress is wonderful!

  18. Don't give up on your shoulder. I agree with Carolyn - try to find another
    doctor! I hope you are feeling better. I miss you daily posts!

  19. Great progress on your WIPs. I really like the boats!

    As for the doctor, what a jerk!! I'm finding that the doctors here in Canada are really quite awful. When I went to the ER, it took about 6 hours to "diagnose" that I had soft tissue damage in my left shoulder. I had to prompt the doctor for more info: okay, what does that mean? What should I do? Do I need pain meds? etc. He gave me one word answers. So not helpful at all. I don't understand their problem because they get paid 200k + a year!!

    I hope that the Glucosamine will help your shoulder. My mom has bursitis too and she is in constant pain.

  20. Hi Evalina - I also have shoulder problems along with hips and back ... I have also taken glucosamine in the past and found it a help ..


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