Friday, November 7, 2014


I can see light at the end of the tunnel! A long, long time ago I've started SAL with many other lovely stitchers, we were stitching Halloween House. I think everybody is done with their project a while ago - mine is still dragging...

After I finished Spooky Welcome I grabbed my HH and went on stitching. I wanted so bad to have finish during this WIPocalypse and I almost made it
See? I just have to finish the border, a little bit to the right and a little bit down on the right. Then it will be all done! Then I can say goodby to Halloween stuff for a while, at least to the end of the year.

This month’s topic is:  What are your favorite and least favorite materials to use in your stitching?

Well, let me tell you - I love stitching on linen. A long time ago I did not like it - it was to soft, counting was difficult but now I feel same about aida - it's to stiff, the wholes are to big... it's funny how my taste has changed. I love stitching with silk floss but I do not mind stitching with other brands except the Glow in the Dark - do not like that one at all. Oh, and I love my Q-snaps! And I think that will be all...

So long my friends,


  1. That is so bright and colourful, I really love it. Keep going, a happy dance is coming!

    Are you feeling more settled in your new home?

  2. Love that Halloween design! You are almost there. OK here goes-I too ,like to stitch on linen. Right now I am on a Lakeside Lined kick. I don't like the metallic threads. They can make a piece look cute but I find them very hard to work with.

  3. Very nice progress. Cheering you on to a finish.

  4. Yeah Evalina - your almost done. It looks great and I love the fabric your using. Are you going to join me with something else on Saturday's?


  5. Good for you. It is looking good and I know you will be glad to finish it. It is a neat piece.

  6. La broderie est magnifique bon weekend Marie-Claire

  7. ooooooo you probably will have finished it by now :) and I am with you can't stand aida now ... love even weave and linen and silks are yummmmmm love mouse xxxxx

  8. This looks so wonderful on the fabric your stitching it on. I keep having mixed feelings about stitching on adia. Right now I do like it. It irons out very well for me and yet I love stitching on linen too. I have a few different wips and its such a mix of adia, linen, then there are the threads - DMC, over hand dyed and who doesn't love silks!!!
    love Annette

  9. Your Halloween piece is stunning!


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