Wednesday, January 6, 2016

30-day minimalism challenge - Day 5: Define your goals for this year

Setting goals keeps you from living in a reactive, passive way and helps you align your daily actions with your true priorities. Today, set aside at least thirty minutes to select 1-3 big, exciting goals for this year.

I think I did good this year - fewer goals but more doable:

Health: be healthy and fit. Really I'm trying to slim down.
Career: expand my Mary Kay business and move to management
Hobby: Finish at least sixteen stitchy projects, read 60 books, discover one new hiking trail a month.

So long my friends,


  1. The goals sound realistic ...

  2. These are great goals - Health, Work and Fun. Thank you for sharing

  3. Good luck :). I need to lose weight and finish one wip that is a bap

  4. These are great goals. Good luck with all of them.

  5. Those are awesome goals and pretty much attainable.

  6. Se sont beaucoup des project Marie-Claire

  7. I'm definitely getting on the bandwagon of getting healthier and have joined in with a few other bloggers also determined to do so if you want to pop over and see


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