Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I wonder why...

Defence ministers from France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Australia and the Netherlands will join U.S. Secretary of Defence Ashton Carter tomorrow in Paris to discuss the future of the fight against the extremist group.

Six months ago Canada hosted the same anti-ISIS meeting and now our invitation to Paris 'got lost in the mail', no longer we are a trusted partner... I wonder, why?  Below is our new Minister of National Defence. Why ministers from other countries excluded Canada from important conversations? Somebody, please, help me to understand!

I did not vote for this guy or this government, cross my heart!

So long my friends,


  1. I've not really been following this story, I find it all very depressing and I'm a little bit "head down and concentrate on the home issues" we are suffering within our country rather than looking at world issues.
    But the decision to not include Canada seems to be because your Government is withdrawing its fighter planes from the United forces rather than racism against one of your ministers.
    That was what I understood from reading the news stories anyway.

  2. Politics! How knows how they are thinking? Sadly the world should be banding together to fight a common enemy!

  3. Don't fret. These meetings are a complete waste of time for everyone. They do not work. Nothing is achieved. Unfortunately ISIS keeps outsmarting the sophisticated modern governments.
    I know very little about Canada's politics except that it seems to be leaps and bounds superior to that in many other Western countries - more representative of difference, younger, more democratic.


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