Saturday, January 4, 2014

Day three and four of the crazy challenge

Here are my starts for the third and fourth day of the challenge:
 A Mind Independent and Free

I just noticed that I'm starting two samplers with same motto:
'No glory I covet,
No riches I want.
Ambition and beauty are nothing to me.
The one thing
I beg of good heaven to grant
Is a mind 
Independent and free.'

Hm... why that mind independent and free is so important to me?

So long my friends


  1. Great progress Evalina. You've chosen some big pieces for CJC!

  2. You must own more frames than the law allows. Keep warm, too.

  3. Looks like great starts! That is a wonderful saying!

  4. Happy new year. cant wait to see them finished.

  5. I don't think I could ever do a crazy challenge like that... I get uncomfortable if I have more than two things going at that's crazy! LOL

  6. Really great start, I love the saying.

    Mary Louise in IN

  7. Why? Probably because it is no fun sharing it with the voices. No...seriously, lovely work!

  8. Tres beau debut je suis curieuse de voir plus Marie-Claire

  9. Two more great starts. From what you've said about your upbringing I'd say you value an independent mind because it wasn't encouraged in your home country.

    Freedom of speech is one of our greatest privileges.


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